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Way for healthy hair, long and strong as most African Americans

Way for healthy hair, long and strong as most African AmericansWay for healthy hair, long and strong as most African Americans can be a mystery, but the first thing you have to know about African American hair if you want to grow it, is that it can be the most drying and unforgiving hair there is. I'm sure you've experience this every-time you see your hair in your combs and brushes.

You have probably decided that you will never ever have any long hair in your life time. Well if you can agree that your hair continues to break no matter what you are doing, you then can agree that you must be doing something wrong. Now that that is out of the way, let us begin. If you can see your microscopic hair image, you will see that you have six layers to your hair-shaft. Every level up to your medulla has to be moisturized.

With the quick and irregular conditioning treatments most receive, very few can say that their hair has achieved the perfect moisture level to maintain length. The closest I have ever seen African American hair achieve this level of moisturizing was when the Geri Curl was introduced. The hair was sprayed and massaged with moisturizers everyday and night.

Everyone made sure the hair stayed properly moist by wearing the dreaded plastic bag on their down time. Everyone with the curl had hair growing like they've never seen it before! Now that we've walked down memory lane we can proceed with some very important information about growing your African American hair.

 African American hair, like all hair continues to grow everyday. It may grow slower but it still grows. This is why we receive chemical touch-ups and re-braiding. We just lose the oldest hair on our heads which is at the end of our hair shaft to dryness and abuse. The reason people with dreadlocks have long hair and is because the ends are dreaded and will not fall out.

 Our hair grows about a half an inch or more every month. However the extreme dryness and breakage will cause the dreadlocks to become weak and break. The dreadlocks are repaired but the problem is still there, extreme dryness from neglect.
10 Tips Of How To Grow Long African American Hair Fast  

Keep ends clipped every 6-8 weeks. This will remove damaged ends and prevent them from traveling up the hair-shaft with causes more hair breakage. Groomed ends allow your hair to look healthier,fuller and grow more even.
  1. Apply moisturizer to scalp, hair and ends at least every 2 days. Too much will not allow the hair and scalp to breath. Your hair follicles can not produce more hair if it is clogged.
  2. Massage your scalp every night to stimulate your blood vessels and to help produce your natural sebum (oils) in your scalp.
  3. Wear protective styles that don't allow your hair ends to be exposed to harsh fabrics and element such as car seats, extreme heat, extreme cold, or wool. If your hair maintains this type of contact it will dry out and break.
  4. Deep condition your hair only with warm dryer setting for only 20 minutes or as directed by manufacturer. Dryer time is how the moisture reaches the inner layers of your hair. Very important!
  5. High dryer heat with plastic caps will cause products to be damaging to your hair and later begin to break because of dissolved natural moisture in your hair. Your hair will then dry and break because of this damage.
  6. Instant conditioner abuse is one of the most damaging things you can do to your hair. This condition will dissolve your hair and cause it to be lifeless , unable to hold a curl, and breakage!
  7. Wear styles that protect your ends such as braiding, french rolls,or wigs with growing out hair.
  8. Place satin cap on hair at night an over your car head rest. At night and while driving is when many lose natural moisture from hair. People call the back of their hair their sensitive spot. This is actually their abused spot!
  9. Always moisturize hair when braided. Especially the ends. There are plenty of moisturizers that come in a spray bottle and in a cream that can run over the hair and ends of your braids. Hydrated and moisturised hair-ends and edges will not break.
  10. Be consistant!

What You Should Know To Grow Your African American Hair Long

Moisturizing your hair and oiling your scalp and hair is not the same thing. Your hair can be dehydrated which means it needs moisture to replenish it. A water based deep conditioning treatment will help restore the moisture your hair needs to be healthy. There are so many oil based products the make your hair feel wonderful. However without the proper moisture balance you can not reach your hair length goals.

If you are unable to get under a hooded dryer you can place a hot wet towel around your plastic cap covered conditioning treatment, then wrap with a large dry towel to hold in the heat. Condition your hair every week for a month if your hair is especially damaged. Then maintain your conditioning and shampooing every other week to allow your natural oils to naturally replenish.

 Alternate your oil treatments with moisturizing/protein treatments. If your hair is weak and fragile you can receive a protein moisturizing blended treatment every two weeks. Shampoo with appropriate shampoos for your hair situation. Use deep cleansing shampoos once a month to remove product buildup and don't over shampoo your hair. Twice is enough, maybe 3 times if you perspire a lot or work in dusty places.

Of course eating healthy will help your hair from the inside out. You can begin by taking in more moisture by drinking water, eating more fruits and vegetable. This will hydrate your body and hair. Taking hair vitamins with plenty of water daily will help you grow healthy hair if you don't see yourself eating as healthy as you should.
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