Health benefit of apple juice

An apple a day is enough to make the body is always healthy. You can make apple juice or directly in food just naturally, the guarantee that your body will feel always fresh.

5 An easy way to meditation is best

There are many ways to meditate but with the same results, choose one of the 5 best ways meditation below, making it suitable for you.

Green tea effects

The effects of green tea against all cancer cells are also suitable for the diet, anti-oxidants right and to the health of the heart, kidneys and many other vital organs.

8 Benefits drank carrot juice for health

8 Great benefit will you get for your health if drinking carrot juice is done every day.

Strong and healthy in chinese

Healthy lifestyle has become an indispensable part of Chinese life for thousands of years ago. This culture is rooted in the level of understanding in the philosophy of Chinese medicine around the human body interacts with nature.


Easy home remedies for hair loss

Easy home remedies for hair lossThe care of our hair is an important part of the personal attention of all, it plays a role of a daily ritual for many true modern ladies.  

Hair loss in women, once rare, is a growing concern. Before treatment is sought, the less hair is lost in order to find a quick solution is important. Are there any home remedies to induce hair growth? Of course, there are many! Natural hair loss treatment is common today because of hair loss causes are many, while medical treatments are not particularly effective.

1. A special form of hair loss: Vitamin Mix oil 5-6 drops of oil E and rosemary, 1 tablespoon strong tincture nettle, 2 tablespoons cider vinegar with 100 ml aloe vera gel. Apply this home remedy for hair loss on the scalp once a week.

2. Poor diet is the main culprit of premature hair loss. You must have food that puts hair growth on track. One of the home remedies for hair loss involves eating foods rich in protein. This is because hair is composed primarily of proteins, so that the power of hair follicles with high protein foods can stop hair loss and ensure healthy hair. In addition to protein intake, you need to focus on having a diet rich in vitamins (A, B and C) and minerals (iron, zinc and calcium). Unhygienic habits like smoking or alcohol consumption that shorten life should also be stopped.

3. Avoid chemical treatments such as permanent hair color and weakens hair adding to breakage and dryness. Keep hair well trimmed, avoiding split ends which weaken the hair causing hair loss over time.

4. Indian gooseberry, also known as Alma, is gaining some popularity as a natural treatment for hair loss. The Alma Herb nourishes the scalp and keeps control of hair loss. It can be used either as a soil mixed with Heena leaf powder, a paste drinks and then applied to the scalp. More frequent use of Indian gooseberry is in capsule form that will work from the inside.

5. Grind black seed and lemon, pepper, add a little olive oil and mix well. Apply the paste on your scalp, leave for 10 minutes, then wash with your regular shampoo.

6. Coconut milk has a high nutritional value, so it is effective in removing the boredom and gives a radiant complexion. However, you do not need to drink to induce hair growth. On the other hand, must be applied on the scalp. The massage with coconut milk so that it reaches the hair roots, is a good remedy to get those thick locks of hair. After a deep massage, do not forget to rinse your hair with clean water.

7. Drink more water every day to help the body stay hydrated and help grow healthy hair. Hair contains water as part of their chemical composition, so that the consumption of six to eight glasses of water a day can help restore the hair naturally.

8. Cucurbita maxima oil extract is in pumpkin seeds and has been used as an additive for hair treatment. Recent studies have shown that this extract prostate actively fight the high levels of testosterone, reducing hair loss.

By: Charles Zoe 


Good healthy strong body clear mind

Good healthy strong body clear mindLife is busy. Ask Nicole Fraley mother of two young children, online marketing manager for South Florida Interactive Marketing fi rm traveler and a long drive. She started taking Pilates while pregnant with her first child, but had to stop during their last quarter.

As a new mom exhausted, Fraley had not found the right time or place to start. By chance, he met his former teacher of Pilates and decided to return to school regularly.  

With a framework of 5-foot-7, it was not particularly bothered by the extra weight of the baby who was in sizes 12-14. But Pilates was part of its focus on health, which also included watching your diet. Perhaps best of all, it was given a place to focus on herself. "Throughout the day, whether at home or at work, everyone still wants a piece of me," she said. "The best thing about Pilates is that you muscularly challenges, but you can not do the exercise correctly if your mind is busy, too. 

It forces me to focus on my exercises and body parts. Pilates charge Me, clear the head and the results are amazing. "Fraley has lost 65 pounds in a year, 45 pounds underweight before pregnancy. She poured inches everywhere, including areas with typical problems for women. Now she has to buy the size 2s.

Popular among men and women, Pilates is a unique combination of stretching, strengthening and breathing improves alignment of circulation and body. Its activity is the nerve center of the lower, oblique abdominals, hips, buttocks and lower back in almost every movement.

Throughout the workout, practitioners try to remain aligned shoulder against shoulder and hip to hip, making sure the neck and limbs are used with long, graceful movements. Think acrobatics and ballet combined with some gymnastics.

Mat work is the most common form of Pilates, and there is also a series of specific exercises in the Pilates equipment. Meanwhile, they focus on specific muscles, move gracefully weigh your own body weight and breathing to help the effort. So it's hard for guys muscled in the weight room to its small 50-something aunt.

Brooke Siler, a certified Pilates instructor, will inspire you to go as far as you can not compare yourself to others. "You have to start somewhere," she said. "I saw myself twice to have children. It is a challenge even for me. Everyone has to motivate and everyone that day when they feel good about their training. Okay, because there is always tomorrow. "

Joseph Pilates was born in Germany in 1880, was a sick young man who designed a series of exercises to strengthen your body and to conquer asthma. After moving to Britain, held during World War II as a German citizen in an internment camp. 

There he taught his fellow inmates his exercises. After the war, he emigrated to New York and developed a strong following among dancers and stars. He trained others on the road, and one of those protected frst Siler taught all about finely honed this discipline fi.

Pilates has grown considerably in popularity, with over 10 million participants in the US, according to a recent study by the Association of Sports goods manufacturers. This year, Pilates has made the list of 10 trends to the American College of Sports Medicine Fitness Trends survey. You can find classes at the local YMCA, gyms and Pilates studios appointed. With books, videos, DVDs and more, you can find anywhere in Pilates.

Nicole Fraley experience is typical of what brings financial advisors and Hollywood stars like Liv Tyler harddriving, Kirsten Dunst and Dustin Hoffman back of Brooke Siler: AB Pilates Studio in New York. "They get to come and not have to be the boss," says Siler. "Every successful person like to come back and be a student again. Anyone who is in a senior arrived position there because of their ability to learn and grow. Pilates is to revitalize your body. We leave you with mental clarity and is not painful. It improves circulation, and most people leave a feeling of tension. "

"It is important to know what Joseph Pilates wanted," says Siler. "It's hard when you see things are diluted. You should find an instructor who is accredited and certified at least with a minimum of 500-600 hours for certification. Security must be No. 1." The popularity of the method Pilates "It is probably because of medical results come with time, and we know that Type A people resultsoriented.

Just look at the success of Nicole Fraley lose weight and gain energy and a greater sense of well-being. As Joseph Pilates said, "In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference;. And 30 will have a whole new body" With only two sessions per week, you can keep these results. Siler suggests making four or five sessions a week at first for you or Nde rstand both the language and the exercises themselves.

After that you can easily do less study sessions and complete with books or other media, or larger group of classes. So power with Pilates. The sky is the limit in mind that, as their trembling feet above you in the kind of carpet. Soon you will be admiring its sleek profile in the mirror.
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Remedies for healthy and strong hair

Remedies for healthy and strong hairHair that looks healthy and strong is a dream for everyone, especially young women. Drugs that have a positive impact on the growth and development of hair will greatly help hair health.

Feeling young is a good thing, but looking young has a greater impact on the self-esteem of most people. Read on to learn some easy remedies by which you can delay the onset of gray and look younger longer.

Everyone wants to stay young as long as 

possible. That is why both men and women dread the idea of ​​having gray hair, especially in the twenties or thirties. Gray hair causes are lack of essential nutrients such as vitamin B12, minerals and phenylalanine; heredity; stress or depression; too much exposure to the sun, dust and pollution; thyroid deficiency and excessive use of chemicals for hair. All these things interfere with melanin production and cause hair to lose its natural color. Here you can find information about some of the things you can do to prevent gray hair.

First, make simple changes in your diet and lifestyle can prevent premature gray hair appear. Some of the most effective natural remedies that can be used to prevent and treat gray hair.

Remedies for preventing gray hair

Curry leaves: 

Boil some curry leaves and coconut oil will provide a powerful solution to implement in your hair twice a week. Curry leaves help restore pigment melanin and strengthen the hair roots to prevent premature aging.


Amaranath Leaf sap can use to keep your hair healthy and smooth. Furthermore, vegetable juice Amaranath promote growth and prevent hair graying, help your hair to maintain its natural color.


Combine henna, lemon juice and castor oil to make a paste. Apply this paste on your hair and scalp and leave for at least three hours. Henna paste will help condition the hair, make the strongest roots and hide the gray.

Folic Acid: 
You can add more foods with folic acid to your regular diet to prevent and cure premature gray hair. Some good food sources include kidney, liver, chicken, lentils, egg yolk, wheat flour, almonds, potatoes, beets, spinach, asparagus, broccoli, oranges, peaches and bananas.

Iron and iodine: 

If you eat foods with iron and iodine sufficient quantities, it can stop premature aging. Foods like fish, carrots, bananas, and basically all fruits and vegetables are essential to keep hair strong and healthy.


Adding foods with lots of copper to your diet will help prevent gray hair. Some food sources include excellent oysters, crabs, cashews, almonds and sunflower seeds.

Vitamin B12:  

When the body lack of vitamin B12, which can cause premature aging. Aside from taking vitamin B12 supplements you can add foods such as fish, meat, eggs, poultry, nuts, yogurt, wheat, soybeans and green vegetables to your diet leaves.

In addition to using natural resources and changing your diet, it is also recommended to make simple changes to your lifestyle to prevent or reverse gray hair. This includes avoiding smoking completely, exercise and regular relaxation exercises such as meditation and yoga. As time passes, natural remedies help prevent gray hair and help restore its original hair color.
By: Tom Simeo


Tips for healthy and strong hair

Tips for healthy and strong hairEach of us, if we have blockages in the short, medium or long - we all want healthy hair, because there is nothing more important than the impressive locks? You realize that with the passage of time is likely to give long hair styles simply because it is not going to get pleasure from the look of your hair?

You can have healthy looking hair without any problems. You just need to follow some simple but important daily routine. If it's worth? Yes, yes ... and yes!

Healthy diet is certainly one of the essential elements that we want to pay good attention. Hair weak, damaged is usually the subject of a poor diet, not including vitamins, minerals Besides their hair desires. I should not even think about buying new shampoos, hair conditioners and other hair care products before reviewing your diet plan, which is without doubt crucial for healthy hair. 

I hope you eat fruits and vegetables every day, so that your system is fed with vitamins and antioxidants. Other products that your wishes for hair are: grain products whole grain (source of important minerals), almonds, nuts (full of vitamins E and B), butter, spinach, broccoli and carrots (for vitamin A).

Silica and zinc are key trace elements, responsible for the condition and health of the skin, loops and nails too. Include pumpkin seeds, oysters and parsley in your diet - an excellent source of zinc, silica and drink horsetail tea to provide your body

Do not buy a shampoo or conditioner available in the store. Check what type of hair you have and buying hair products (shampoos or conditioners), choose the products for your hair type, whether your hair is damaged, it will be good to use rich -cremosas shampoos. If you spend many hours in the sun, do not forget to apply special products to defend her curls against high temperatures and harmful ultraviolet rays. Your hair can be damaged by excessive use of hair straighteners and other tools that produce heat.

All you have to do is follow three recommendations and shared their locks will soon return to normal beauty. Only one more point: Do not expect that if you wash your hair every day basis you can enjoy beautiful, healthy locks - really is not advisable to wash each search dayArticle, his hair want natural oils from your scalp and A After shampooing just get rid of the oil.

By: Luke Lawreszuk

10 tips for healthy hair grow faster

10 tips for healthy hair grow fasterIf you want to grow faster healthy hair without the use of expensive toxin filled products,, then this is the article for you!

While growing the hair first may seem too difficult or expensive, there are several simple and all natural tricks to get that long, lustrous hair you've always wanted.

1. Go sulfate-free 
Sulfates are compounds derived from sulfuric acid in most commercial shampoos. Companies add these harmful components so that their products will create beautiful when applied foam and foam in your hair. Unfortunately, these same essential sulfates strip the natural oils that keep hair healthy and strong. The result? Dry strands, appearing bored brittle and break easily. Most designers today will tell you that a good shampoo sulfate free is the first step for longer hair healthier. Otherwise, there are a number of recipes to make your own all-natural hair cleanser.

2. Less frequent Shampoo 

Of course, we love the feeling of a clean scalp. Especially after playing outside, jog or work up a sweat in the gym, you do not want to bathe and wash the sweat and dirt from his hair? Understandable as it may be, try to reduce exposure to shampoo your hair. Two to three times a week should be enough for most people. If you should shampoo every day, make sure you use a mild shampoo (sulfate-free, of course) and follow with a good natural moisturizer such as jojoba or almond oil.

3. Wet Hair Style
Wet hair is fragile and more vulnerable to damage from brushing or combing, especially if you use heat as a hair dryer or iron. Let your hair air dry whenever possible to avoid unnecessary breakage. If you must brush your hair after washing, use a wide tooth comb or hair pick. Dry with a diffuser if necessary and used at low temperature (or not heat!) Also, iron with ceramic plates are easier on hair than plastic. They may cost more, but in the long run, you will see a marked improvement in the health and appearance of their beautiful locks.

4. Protect your hair
There are many external factors that can lead to unhealthy hair and scalp. To go outside, wear a scarf or apply a natural UV protector to keep the sun's harmful rays from damaging your hair.Try to avoid chlorine filled pools and other chemicals. Wear a hat hair if you have to go to the pool to protect your hair from harmful chemicals. Also, avoid rubber bands or fasteners metal slide that could make or break your hair when removed. Similarly, pulling her hair in a braid or too tight cola may be detrimental. The best approach is the simplest: take down and show your hair healthy.

5. Stay away from dyes

Even if they say they made from natural ingredients and easy in her hair, most hair dyes contain chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide or ammonia which are harmful to the health of hair. There are many natural solutions for hair color or gray cover as tea, henna and amla.

6. Cut regularly
It may seem cons-productive, but the frequent split cut really help your hair grow faster ends. Cause split ends and breakage, if anything, will move up weakening the hair and causing frizz. How often cut depends on your hair type. Dry hair will need to be trimmed about every 4-6 weeks. As your hair becomes healthier and more vital, you can go 2-3 months between the linings. Just remember not to cut too much hair. About a quarter inch on each section should do the trick.

7. Eat more protein

It is true that we are what we eat and the same thing for hair. Hair is constructed primarily of keratin, a protein, it is logical to assume that the swing locks you have always dreamed must ramp up their protein consumption to grow stronger and stronger. If your hair is thin and breaks easily due to daily wear, try adding more protein-rich foods such as fish, almonds, soybeans, nonfat yogurt, or lean poultry in your diet. 

8. Add biotin to your list
Biotin - a B vitamin that occurs naturally in foods such as salmon, spinach, wheat germ, egg yolks, chicken and almonds - is known to prevent hair loss, with a long list of other health benefits. Biotin can also be taken in supplement form for busy people who can not commit a stable meal schedule.

Note: As always, remember to consult a doctor before taking supplements or vitamins to avoid an overdose !! 

9. Massage the scalp regularly
It not only feels good, massaging the scalp stimulates hair follicles also increases circulation to the head improves mental function and relieves tension. It is best to book a time when you can focus on the scalp massage and nothing more. However, if you lead a busy life, there is nothing wrong with sneaking a quick massage on the head while sitting in traffic or that you expect to start a conference call. Scalp massage combined with deep breathing to enhance the calming effect and relax a bit. Add a natural argan oil such as chamomile or additional health benefits that these oils are excellent for skin and hair!Last but not least ...

10. Do not give up! 

Growing long, beautiful hair is not done overnight. After all, the average human hair grows at a rate of half an inch per month. Follow these tips, be diligent, and be patient knowing that you are on your long stronger and healthier hair way. 
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Tips for healthy and strong mind

Tips for healthy and strong mind1. Get involved in the complex and novel
Learn new information and skills throughout their life cycle helps keep the brain sharp, even in the later years of life.  

Activities that have the greatest value for brain health are those that are new and complex to each individual. What is easy for one person can be a challenge to another, so that things which escape most have the most value for your brain.

It is novel and complex that will challenge the brain, stimulate learning and the promotion of synaptic density, reducing the likelihood that the neurodegenerative disease is manifest. By practicing an activity or skill, which increases the synaptic density, and what was once complex and novel can easily become passive memory. Therefore, continuously learn new things to make sure your brain is still growing and stay strong!

Mental stimulation Exercise:

This activity is designed to help you understand what is new and complex personally for that, contrary to what is memory and passive.

* Take a sheet of paper and divide the paper in half.

In the left column, list five activities that you enjoy and have fun with, and most often do. This list represents the businesses that are memory and passive. His mind is already comfortable with these activities, reducing the advantage you have on your brain.

* In the right column, the list of five activities involved and not involved in the frequency. This list represents your brain activities is not yet formed strong neural connections are complex and novel. These activities are likely to favor the development of new connections in your brain.

2. Exercise regularly
Exercise has a positive effect on the improvement of successful aging. The exercise done regularly can not only reduce the risk of dementia, but can also help slow the course of an existing disease such as Alzheimer's disease.

Exercise can improve our energy levels, sense of well-being, sleep and brain health. Participate in regular exercise also reduces the risk of depression and anxiety. Identify who do not exercise allows us to systematically break down our barriers, and gradually change our behavior towards a healthier lifestyle.

3. Socialize and have fun!
Friends provide opportunities to exchange experiences, new learning, challenges, emotions, trust and understanding. Friendship also provides the motivation for activity and participation. Participate in new activities with friends often help develop new roles in life, giving us the opportunity to feel appreciated, enjoy life, laugh and have fun. Parent-teacher organizations, church, sports teams and other groups and organizations are good places to develop relationships with other people.

4. Be aware of health
It is important for us to take control of our health and we understand that we are in charge of managing our bodies. Doctors working for us, and when it comes to our bodies which are the boss. Once we establish our own role in the management of our health, the importance of close and trusting relationship with our doctor is obvious.

Open communication can help physicians to make informed decisions about our health. A team approach can help establish a united front against the disease, and most importantly, promoting our health. To stay in the healthiest, maintain regular physical exams and follow your doctor's advice.

5. Slow down and enjoy the silence 
Our society is changing at an increasing rate, leaving us with little time to relax and treat our environment. Our brains need time to process information more deeply to get more benefits from our daily experiences. The implications of an accelerated lifestyle are chronic stress and other negative effects on our health and wellbeing. Reduce the requirements we impose on ourselves is an important step towards reducing stress and a step of fuller life.

A new field of study known as neurotheology advanced the study of the correlation between prayer and neurophysiological subjective experience. Multiple studies have shown a relationship between spirituality and the immune system. As always learn more about the potential positive thoughts that influence health, people begin to integrate these practices more often in their daily lives, and experience the life-changing results.

6. Do not withdraw from life
Maintaining a strong sense of purpose in life is a major contributor to longevity. Make a conscious decision to stay actively involved in their daily routine is beneficial to health and wellness for life. Positive attitude has been shown to play an important role in the success and their ability to recover from illness.

It is important to develop multiple skills and interests over his lifetime, and we have the ability to learn and develop new talent continues over time. It is our responsibility to nurture different roles and develop a personal life purpose and meaning. The work may also be needed to help us find more meaning in our life business. Corresponding to our passions in life with a career is powerful, and can promote our talents and potential significantly.

7. Reduce and eliminate smoking, alcohol and other drugs
Psychotropic substances, such as drugs and cigarettes can reduce our performance, reduced motivation, and affect our cognitive processes. Change our emotions, which affects our thinking by reducing the focus, attention, memory and our ability to execute plans.

Smoking is a major cause of more than a dozen of types of cancer, including lung, mouth, stomach and liver cancer. Not to mention that stains fingers, teeth and hair, and leaves us with bad breath!

8. financial goals
A well-developed plan for financial security is a great way to boost their executive functions (responsible for the organization as a complex activity, planning, impulse control, and more). Keeping track of your expenses, and be aware of where your money is going, helps you feel more in control of your financial situation. Whatever the costs which, aside 5% per month will thank you later!

9. Adopt a diet rich in nutrients
Excessive consumption of high calorie foods is an important issue for modern society. Understanding why we eat and what we eat is one of the most important influences on health and longevity. Food health-promoting brain include omega-3 fatty acids found in foods such as fish, flax seeds and walnuts. Foods with natural vitamin E and vitamin C have an antioxidant effect. Folic acid may also help reduce the risk of certain neurodegenerative diseases and developmental disorders.

10. Maintain close ties
Our ability to communicate and interact with others is essential to maintain strong ties. The isolation has been shown to reduce our overall health. The research demonstrates the importance of social networks in reducing the risk of dementia. Our ability to develop and maintain relationships throughout our life continued health promoting behaviors is significant, such as stress reduction, new learning and emotional expression.

Note: It is important to remember that our brain does not work in isolation from the rest of the body. Rather, the human body works as a symphony, producing a life behavior of harmony. The heart has a particularly important relationship with the brain almost 25% oxygen and blood each heartbeat appointed to the brain. Therefore, part of the proposed lifestyle brain health have similar benefit to the cardiovascular system. 
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