What to do for healthy and strong hair

What to do for healthy and strong hairWhat should be done to the hair healthy and strong? Many ways are done by women to get hair to be healthy and strong, and care should also be done.

It is very easy to maintain a strong and healthy hair, as long as you know what to do (and not do).

This requires livestock, but the methods are very simple. So what are the simple steps you need to take to make your hair healthier and stronger than ever?

1. A balanced diet is the key to a healthy and strong hair. Include carrots, turnips, almonds, vegetables, rich in protein such as milk, soy foods, iron-rich foods, such as fish, greens, beets, etc. Promote hair growth, hair loss, slow down and prevent hair problems and scalp dry, brittle hair, etc. Vitamin A, vitamin E, zinc, iron and proteins are important for healthy hair growth. Be sure to add these nutrients to your menu.

2. Cut once every 6-8 weeks is important. This ensures, open ends are removed strands and thus stay healthy.

3. Use the shampoo only once or twice a week.

4. Do not take your tight hairstyles that keep hair long and let her open during sleep.

5. Never use hot water to rinse. If you can not use cold water, use warm water and before leaving the shower, rinse with cold water. Rinse with cold water also makes your hair shiny.

6. Use of herbal products as much as possible. Egg, fenugreek, avocado and aloe vera are considered very conditioners. They also leave the brightest, healthy, voluptuous hair.

7. Avoid using a hair dryer, iron, colors, etc. They do more harm than good. If you want to have hair that is healthy and strong, avoid them, or use them occasionally.

8. massaging the scalp stimulates circulation of blood to the head and therefore improves hair growth. Oil massage is good, but when you can not make massage oil, hand massage is enough. This not only improves hair growth, but leaves hair looking and feeling healthy and strong.

9. Drink lots of water and sleep for eight hours a day. This is very important if you want your hair to maintain a healthy and strong appearance.

10. Last but not least, use olive oil for hair. Olive oil is rich in protein and achieves a healthy and strong hair. Apply at night and take a shower in the morning.

Following the tips mentioned above can make a big difference in hair growth and hair not only the look but also feel healthy and strong.
By: Corey Brenson

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