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Green tea effects

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Strong and healthy in chinese

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How to remove acne scars and its treatment

How to remove acne scars and its treatmentHow to remove acne scars and its treatment - Over time, ideas on how to remove acne scars continue to evolve as technology advances have improved traditional remedies scar on batteries.

This is good news for young and old who are looking for ways to have perfect skin. In fact, the best solution for fault-free skin is always a combination of natural remedies and medical treatments.

In addition, it must begin as soon as the first light of the grains seems desirable and provide faster results. 

First let's have a quick definition of what acne scars. These are examples of skin damage characterized by discoloration of the skin. Reddishon appears blackish dark skin and light skin. Develop right on the areas that appeared cystic pimples.

They can be classified as shallow or deep. They can worsen in appearance when sunlight and the topical application of vitamin E. The presentations harvest and press the buttons that form on top of them can make things worse too.

As mentioned earlier, the best scar treatment is a combination of natural rituals and dermatological procedures. For starters, it is always good to observe personal hygiene can prevent the formation of pimples.

If none of pimples or acne, there would be scars whipping. Facial cleanliness and keep it free of bacteria are important. If the formation of pimples, apply cortisone can reduce redness caused by inflammation. If the redness is reduced, the possibility of scar formation is reduced. 

Bleaching creams help to remove acne scars and dried. These creams are also known as arbutin and kojic creams. They are typical hydroquinone creams replacements that have been controversial for its carcinogenic effects.

Other products mentioned in tips on how to remove acne scars contain alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids and vitamin C. Alpha hydroxy and beta-hydroxy acids (AHA and BHA) amino are generally known process of chemical peeling.

They are useful for removing the outer layer of skin where dead cells are next to other imperfections of the skin. Pure Vitamin C is also known effective to alleviate skin pigmentation. In fact, even dermatologists recommend applying drops of lemon juice on the skin that are not as sensitive. 

The improvement of the scar may occur more quickly with the help of technology. dermatological clinics offer procedures such as dermabrasion, filler injections and laser treatment.

The expert dermatologist or skin usually suggests the patient the procedure that will give the best results on the state of the patient's recovery. Dermabrasion and laser treatment, both against the discolored area directly using the cables and the rotary laser light, respectively.

Charges, however, are injected to promote the production of collagen improves elasticity and its ability to rejuvenate their own skin.

Deciding on how to remove acne scars without consulting a professional first can do more harm than good. Certain scarring solutions do not work similarly or positively on all skin types. Skin tests assisted by professionals can address the condition best and prevent potential harms.

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By: Nancy Terence

5 Facts about benzoyl peroxide acne you may not know about

5 Facts about benzoyl peroxide acne you may not know about
What is benzoyl peroxide?

Benzoyl peroxide (BP) is an anti-microbial agent which releases oxygen free radicals in oil follicles that lead to the bactericidal activity (dead) bacteria that cause acne, P. acnes. long definition, but essentially BP kills and kills bacteria that cause acne. It is a treatment of acne key staples in the US.

BP also helps unblock pores and oily to dry skin. It is a useful treatment for pimples, swollen red spots. It is available in 2.5, 4, 5, 10 percent concentrations in many nonprescription products. Higher concentrations, however, have more side effects, so it is important for people looking to use BP as a processing means to find an appropriate concentration.

What are the side effects of the use of benzoyl peroxide? 

Typically, using BP makes the drying of the skin or irritation. There is also the option of BP causing redness, peeling, burning, tingling or itching after application. These side effects usually occur in the first days or weeks of application and generally improve with continued use. 

BP may also increase sensitivity to sunlight during use, and therefore leads to a greater chance of sunburn when the product is used, it would be good to avoid direct sunlight.

How can you prevent, so this side effect? 

This can be in a small part, prevented by keeping the lowest concentration of 2.5 percent, and preparation to keep water-based rather than one which is based on alcohol.

Another alternative is to limit the number of applications per day to once a day, at the location where the skin is used in the product, then gradually increasing the number of queries or force if necessary.Generally, people with the skin is drier must start with the lowest levels of BP.

How many times must apply for a day of benzoyl peroxide? 

The aim would be to use the treatment twice a day, once in the morning and the afternoon, it applies to all of the affected area.

What other forms of treatment can be used to increase the efficacy of BP system?

Research has shown that using BP with erythromycin or topical clindamycin (an antibiotic effective against some bacteria) is more effective than simply using BP or a topical antibiotic alone.

BP also works exceptionally well when used in combination with a topical retinoid. In case a person wants to use an antibiotic and topical retinoids together in the treatment, it is much more a good idea to use the combination of BP / retinoid at night, and the combination of antibiotics BP / about morning.

By: Edwin koh



12 Simple tips to promote faster hair growth

12 Simple tips to promote faster hair growth12 Simple tips to promote faster hair growth - Looking growing hair faster? And in order to grow his hair at a rapid pace, there are some things you need to do to start the process.

For example what you eat affects the quality of your hair and its growth. If you eat healthy and drink plenty of water right foods can either be prevented or reversed 80% of your hair problems.

Cultivate a healthy mane is the same as the work on the development of a healthy body. That said here are some simple tips that will help you develop a healthy body and long braids and thicker:

1. To achieve a faster hair growth, you need a diet rich in protein and minerals. Foods such as milk, dairy products, almonds and walnuts will go a long way to grow healthy locks

2. Eat plenty of green vegetables and fruits, pipes, honey, cereals and grains will help strengthen your body and hair.

3. Try to avoid foods high in cholesterol in your diet. If you do, keep skin and hair healthy. high cholesterol foods are usually found in animal meat. So if you're not a fish trying to eat vegetarian or try soy and raw green vegetables.

4. steps to induce faster hair growth is you want to keep hydrated. This means you should drink at least 12-14 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated.

5. The addition of some of these foods in your diet will go a long way for the health of your body and hair health. What is needed for faster hair growth are essential fatty acids commonly found in fatty fish like salmon and tuna, flaxseed oil, sunflower oil and pumpkin seeds and sesame.
6. A diet rich in vitamin B. Vitamin B can be found in mushrooms and cauliflower is also necessary.

7. Vitamin C is also good growth of hair boost. Vitamin C is found in oranges and tomatoes.

8. For faster hair growth Vitamin E is a vitamin that you need. Vitamin E is found in olive oil and wheat germ.

9. A very effective treatment that can be formulated for healthy growth braids is next to the egg, vitamin E and processing of olive oil: Mix 1 egg yolk, which c. olive oil and 3 drops of vitamin E oil well.

Once you combine these elements, which are applied directly to the scalp and massage well for at least 10 minutes, then soak the hair for 30 minutes. Simply wash with shampoo after finishing.

10. hair growth of a highly recommended prompt treatment is the mixture of castor oil and almond oil. Massage this mixture into your hair regularly will do wonders to promote the development of strong hair follicles.

11. The use of 1 c. fenugreek powder, 1 tsp. pepper powder and coconut milk half cup combined together is another way to grow your hair. Mix together and apply the mixture on the scalp. Let stand on the hair for 2 hours, then washed with a normal shampoo.

12. Finally, you can use hair oil Mira promote faster hair growth too. It consists of a combination of herbs and oils for hair growth. Just apply before bed and leave overnight; wash your hair in the morning and you will find your hair grow faster.

The best way to use it is to apply the oil. Then take a warm, wet towel and wrap the hair in it for 10 minutes; repeat this process at least twice before shampooing. If you have a steam engine instead of using a simmer for 5 minutes before shampooing.

This is the simplest way of twelve to induce faster hair growth. You will see results in just two weeks. Remember to be consistent and patient with him.

By: John Mentis


How to make nails strong, healthy and looking beautiful

How to make nails strong, healthy and looking beautifulHow to make nails strong, healthy and looking beautiful - As a woman, I think modern women today are more likely to have unhealthy or health conditions that damage nails. 

Why? Modern women almost always have polish, acrylics, gels or additions stick all that hide the true state of nails, while at the same time give them a very pleasing appearance. 

In seeking to achieve beautiful nails, many women also ended up getting an infection that was severe and in some cases required amputation of a toe, hand, foot or foot.

So how can you ensure that your nails stay healthy and beautiful? Here are a few tips.

1. Cuticles 

Most infections happen to us to have manicures and pedicures are made as a result of the elimination of poor cuticle. The main objective of the cuticle to protect the bed inflammation and infections of the nails.

The proper way to remove the cuticles is first applied lotion to soften the cuticles cuticles after toenails soaking in hot water. Using a cuticle remover, gently push the cuticles. Once done pushed the cuticle will rise above the nail bed.

This is what we call the excess cuticle. Use clippers to trim excess cuticle. Do not remove the cuticles or pull to try to remove them and does not allow the beautician in the salon to remove the hard cuticle. If so, get out of bed and exposed nails susceptible to infection and inflammation. After cutting the excess cuticles, apply cuticle lotion or hand cream to keep your nails and cuticles soft and moist.

2. Food Requirements 

A diet rich in vitamin A, calcium and phosphorus helps prevent nails be dry and brittle. Foods rich in vitamin A include apricots, carrots and broccoli cheese. Foods rich in calcium are milk, yogurt, cheese and almonds. Carrot juice is rich in calcium and phosphorus. 

Hang nails are small flaps of skin that separates the cuticles. To prevent hangnails take foods rich in protein, folic acid and vitamin C. Spirulina algae are very good supplements that help make healthy and strong nails. 

A diet rich in vitamin B12, which is found in foods such as eggs, fish, liver, beef, oysters, can prevent nails from dryness, rounded nails, curved nails and the nails darkening. In general, a diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables will result in strong healthy nails, as these foods are rich in vitamins and minerals essential for nail growth and overall health.

3. Whether natural 

I know how much better looking nails gels, acrylics and accessories are attached; but what we do not know how much damage your nail plate. I'm not saying do not always have. All I say is not to make a habit. Occasionally it is not as bad. The best way to keep your nails healthy is to keep natural. 

Artificial nails and glue contain chemicals that may cause nail fungus infection. methacrylic acid used for the application of the acrylic acid is corrosive and therefore if used in excess may seep through the nail plate and damage the nail bed. 

Avoid nail polish through. Enamel leave them for at least a full week in a month to prevent discoloration. 

Avoid nail polish containing acetone or formaldehyde. It is preferable to use ethyl containing nail polish. While the nail polish is removed, use the least amount polish remover, then wash your nails with soap and water to remove all traces of enamel and cleaner. 

4. Keep your nails clean and short

Long nails may have been fashionable in the 80s and early 90s, but this has changed, and short nails are fashionable. Some women, however, as her long painted nails. 

Long nails are difficult to clean because hide a lot of dirt under them and are also prone to breakage. I am an African woman and it seems ridiculous for an African woman to have long fingernails, because in a given time or we have to do some housework, no matter how subtle. 

Long nails inhibit their ability to put their hand in full use in the performance of duties; at home or elsewhere. So keep fingernails short and clean. It is elegant, professional and fashionable. 

5. Hydrate and moisturize

As the skin needs plenty of water to stay hydrated and moisturized, so do nails. It is therefore very important to have at least 1 liter of water per day, but the recommended amount is 2 liters or 8 glasses. Let's face it; very few of us can manage it so that the first option is better than taking water.

To keep hydrated nails, invest in a softener cream / cuticle, such as lanolin and use it each time after using water for cleaning or other tasks. Also be sure to apply a lotion or hand cream before bed.

Now you know what to do to make beautiful nails. Be nice and share it with a friend.
By: Susan Aquila Mburu  


How to get rid of acne scars fast for women

How to get rid of acne scars fast for womenHow to get rid of acne scars fast for women - Acne itself is a condition of the embarrassing and painful skin. Unfortunately, many women experience acne at some point in their lives. 

Though it can be treated effectively, the scars still unwanted condition. They act as reminders of the painful phase in life. The truth is that acne scars take longer to disappear and you can not disappear overnight. 

However, there are different ways in which women can improve the appearance of scars and finally get rid of them. Acne scars can be removed by the following measures.

1. The use of natural remedies 

Fresh lemon juice is one of the natural remedies for acne scars. Bleaching has properties that help lighten the scars, making them less visible. 

Baking soda also works great for this skin disease. It is an extraordinary remedy to exfoliate the skin and reduce the appearance of scars in the process. The paste can be applied once per day. 

Honey is another good natural remedy. It has antibacterial properties that help soothe the skin and reduces inflammation. The solution works well in cleaning the scars and marks that are left behind. 

Aloe Vera has been used for more time for the treatment of various conditions, in particular diseases of the skin. A healing properties that make it an excellent choice for reducing acne scars and anti-inflammatory properties. It also works to calm the skin, promoting blood circulation, which is essential for healthy skin. 

Other remedies include ice bucket and apple cider vinegar, to improve the appearance of acne scars over time.

2. The creams and medication

There is another method to get rid of acne scars. You can go for cortisone creams to reduce inflammation, skin lightening creams to lighten the scars and discoloration time treatments or glycolic acid, which are excellent in exfoliation of the skin and remove scars over time. 

Other products and treatments that you can choose to include the products are retinoids, laser treatment, chemical peels and filler.

3. Skin care 

There is another alternative for women to get rid of scars. You can start by protecting the skin against the sun and the use of products for skin care that are soft. Exfoliate your skin on a regular basis also make a big difference in the appearance of unsightly scars.

 It is important to avoid picking up stains and scars, and they end up making the condition worse. When choosing acne scars tend to be worse. Also in relation to the care of the skin, a healthy and balanced diet is essential and drinking plenty of water daily. Are the simple methods have smooth, clear skin and healthy. 

Perhaps the best way to get rid of scars is laser treatment. however, it can be very expensive. With the many choices, however, it is important to take the time to find a way that will help get rid of acne scars for your particular condition. 

How would your life be if you could get rid of all acne scars in just a few weeks?

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By: Heather Jameson 


Acne treatment in newborns

Acne treatment in newbornsAcne treatment in newborns - Baby acne is more common than you think. Many babies show signs of acne within two weeks after birth.

This does not mean that your baby will have these grains forever. It must be recognized and medicated. It is a type of acne that is hard to understand. Many doctors do not know why.

Some of them believe that the treatments it takes before or during breastfeeding may be the reason for baby acne. Others believe that maternal hormones may be the reason. There is no right or wrong answer to what gives it its infantile acne. 

There are many methods to remove it. It is possible to prevent irritation is the use of mild soaps. The use of strong detergents or strong soaps can aggravate acne and cause a rash as the baby's skin is very sensitive. You have to clean all milk or food from the surface of your baby. You should not rub his / her shins.

Proper treatment of acne babies is so simple. You must have patience. Many babies will end your pimples within two weeks. You have to keep the skin of your own baby, and should not use a moisturizer for adults. 

Do not try to apply any medication against adult acne because they are causing irritation to the baby's skin because they are too strong.

Parents may be concerned about the appearance of the first signs of eruption. You might be tempted to take the baby to the doctor to treat this problem. 

There is no treatment for baby acne, it is safe to skin the implementation of the newborn. Wash your clothes and blankets for your baby and keep her / his cleaning.

You will be concerned about the treatment of baby acne, but the only cure is patience and cleanliness.

You can also use these tips to treat acne baby 

Baby acne treatment is very easy. Wash your infant's face gently with mild soaps and water twice or once a day. You shouldn't scrub your baby's skin and pat it dry. You should also note that washing the infant's skin too much can cause skin irritation.

You mustn't apply any lotion or oil to the infant's skin. This can worsen the acne case. You shouldn't wash the towels, lines, clothes, blankets and other materials that your infant comes in contact with.

If your infant acne is more severe, you can use chemical medication such as benzoyl peroxide and over the counter medication.

You may use the solutions of the ionic colloidal silver and hydrocortisone. These kill the acne bacteria so they can treat baby acne effectively. They may promote healthy skin growth and reduce itching.
By: Ayoub Helal and Ayman Abdelghafar


Pregnancy Weight Control

Pregnancy Weight ControlPregnancy Weight Control - This article does not promote the HCG diet. This article is for information only to inform pregnant mothers natural production of HCG hormone that is produced by the placenta. 

The hormone HCG is a way to protect both the mother and baby natures. This hormone works overtime for both. This hormone is the perfect genius when it comes to providing for the mother and baby.  

This hormone has five main functions: 

1) HCG provides food for the baby when you can not eat or mother; 

2) causes the water body of the mother to provide the amniotic fluid;  

3) provides pre-pregnancy weight minus the weight of the baby of a mother if she eats a diet of whole foods; 

4) provides natural weight loss for the mother after birth;  

5) ensures retraction of the loose skin after delivery.

Many pregnant women experience morning sickness. No matter what they try, they can not keep food and liquid to be returned. Most do not realize the HCG hormone is busy at work to extract water from your body to produce amniotic fluid for the baby. They are dehydrated and do not know. They do not realize they need to drink for two.

Most pregnant women eat for two and a drink for when you really need to eat and drink for one to two people, especially if the mother is being extra power around. The unused extra food is stored as weight gain. HCG draw energy in fat cells to feed the baby if the mother is not eating enough. Nature ensures that the baby will get what he or she needs, no matter if the mother has not left her. 

After birth, many mothers worry discount clothing before pregnancy. Do not worry, the rescue HCG. It is important to eat a limited range of eating fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and whole grains. HCG during and after birth works just like a non-pregnant HCG diet to reduce loose skin and burn extra energy stored. 

Simple carbohydrates such as sugar, honey, bread, pasta, white rice, soft drinks, sweetened fruit tortillas and ensure a high weight gain. box prepared foods that are full of dead salt, sugar and preservatives can also cause weight gain that changes the natural hormones. 

Mothers who really want to have the perfect opportunity to cut during pregnancy. Eat whole foods naturally low in sugar and the removal of junk food during pregnancy jump starts the body healthier. The baby will get what he or she needs, the mother gets what it needs, and HCG creates a balance that ensures both.

HCG remains in the body of the mother for several months after delivery, the contraction of the skin that the mother continues to use all the stored energy possible. While the mother diets whole food complex carbohydrates, complete proteins and the HCG hormone control part will do your work for you. It is much more powerful than any diet pill. 

However, the downside to HCG is that a diet of junk food high in simple carbohydrates, sugar and foods actually generates a dead weight gain. Many mothers blame on weight gain during pregnancy, when in fact it is the choice of food and drinks. 

Therefore, if the topping and thinning is the goal, they enjoy pregnancy and let nature do the work for you, just look at what happens in the mouth. 

Vicki Mangum Ariatti is a licensed medical massage therapist who lives in Fort Morgan, Colorado and home working and sterling and New Raymer, Colorado. You can visit their website at for more information.
By: Vicki Mangum