Healthy and strong hair tips

Healthy and strong hair tipsBeautiful braids are the desire of every woman and if you already have one, then it is very important to keep young and beautiful with the help of care and maintenance.  

Some women are endowed with long hair strong from birth, but if not treated with nutrition and balanced care will be weak and dull over time. Similarly, if you have a beautiful hair, then with the help of hair care and attention you can easily get the long, strong hair. This will definitely get a lot of compliments from family and friends.

Get healthy, strong hair. If you want to have stronger hair, please follow the steps below.


1. Lier hair. For strong hair you have to train the muscles of your hair. Each hair has a muscle called the hairline muscle editor. Lier hair can help strengthen the hair. If not used to attach the hair, tie it mean form, and ever higher. If you tie your hair when you're not used to this, at the end of the day, you can feel pain. Here's how you know you've worked more hair erector muscles.

2. Massage the scalp. Massaging the scalp will do many things for your hair. Improves circulation and reveals the natural oils. 

3. Do not over brush! During breaks brushed her hair, use a wide tooth comb and not break through the clutter. Paint the ends to the roots of his hair. This method will prevent the strands of her hair to break. If you have ever heard of the myth: Brush your hair 100 times a day and will be strong and shiny. In fact, it is not a myth. For most people, it will break and ruin your hair, but for a person with strong hair that advantage. If a person with strong hair followed this myth that would make your hair shiny brushing performed because the natural oils from the hair root, causing hair naturally sweet.

4. Using a natural remedy. A mixture of ½ cup of coconut oil, 2 egg whites and honey, so that the mixture is in a pasty texture.
       * Massage it into your hair from root to tip. Wait an hour and wash well. Do not be too hard or you may damage your hair. If you could have someone to help you that would be helpful.

5. No more than clean your hair. Daily washing will dry your hair. When you wash your hair every day shampooing removes the natural oils from your hair. Conditioner Ingredients (particularly low quality) not the same oils naturally is to take showers in moderation. If you have more oily hair is more likely because the hair tries to use natural oils, it is because hair is scratching. Make sure you apply enough conditioner, if you try to apply treatments with warm oil of high quality. 

6. Drink properly. Drink plenty of water if you are dehydrated, you probably have a hairdryer. This makes the hair is less likely to accumulate in strength. 

*   Do not apply too much heat to your hair (hot rollers, straightening, hair dryer) that may look good now, but if you keep doing it, your hair "fry". 
*   Do not tie your hair when wet! This reality puts too much pressure on the roots and makes it weak.
*   Eating healthy and getting enough sleep.
*   To use the safe use thermal protection thermal spraying.
*   See a stylist for recommendations.
*   Do not brush your hair when wet, use a brush comb because it breaks.

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