10 tips for healthy hair grow faster

10 tips for healthy hair grow fasterIf you want to grow faster healthy hair without the use of expensive toxin filled products,, then this is the article for you!

While growing the hair first may seem too difficult or expensive, there are several simple and all natural tricks to get that long, lustrous hair you've always wanted.

1. Go sulfate-free 
Sulfates are compounds derived from sulfuric acid in most commercial shampoos. Companies add these harmful components so that their products will create beautiful when applied foam and foam in your hair. Unfortunately, these same essential sulfates strip the natural oils that keep hair healthy and strong. The result? Dry strands, appearing bored brittle and break easily. Most designers today will tell you that a good shampoo sulfate free is the first step for longer hair healthier. Otherwise, there are a number of recipes to make your own all-natural hair cleanser.

2. Less frequent Shampoo 

Of course, we love the feeling of a clean scalp. Especially after playing outside, jog or work up a sweat in the gym, you do not want to bathe and wash the sweat and dirt from his hair? Understandable as it may be, try to reduce exposure to shampoo your hair. Two to three times a week should be enough for most people. If you should shampoo every day, make sure you use a mild shampoo (sulfate-free, of course) and follow with a good natural moisturizer such as jojoba or almond oil.

3. Wet Hair Style
Wet hair is fragile and more vulnerable to damage from brushing or combing, especially if you use heat as a hair dryer or iron. Let your hair air dry whenever possible to avoid unnecessary breakage. If you must brush your hair after washing, use a wide tooth comb or hair pick. Dry with a diffuser if necessary and used at low temperature (or not heat!) Also, iron with ceramic plates are easier on hair than plastic. They may cost more, but in the long run, you will see a marked improvement in the health and appearance of their beautiful locks.

4. Protect your hair
There are many external factors that can lead to unhealthy hair and scalp. To go outside, wear a scarf or apply a natural UV protector to keep the sun's harmful rays from damaging your hair.Try to avoid chlorine filled pools and other chemicals. Wear a hat hair if you have to go to the pool to protect your hair from harmful chemicals. Also, avoid rubber bands or fasteners metal slide that could make or break your hair when removed. Similarly, pulling her hair in a braid or too tight cola may be detrimental. The best approach is the simplest: take down and show your hair healthy.

5. Stay away from dyes

Even if they say they made from natural ingredients and easy in her hair, most hair dyes contain chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide or ammonia which are harmful to the health of hair. There are many natural solutions for hair color or gray cover as tea, henna and amla.

6. Cut regularly
It may seem cons-productive, but the frequent split cut really help your hair grow faster ends. Cause split ends and breakage, if anything, will move up weakening the hair and causing frizz. How often cut depends on your hair type. Dry hair will need to be trimmed about every 4-6 weeks. As your hair becomes healthier and more vital, you can go 2-3 months between the linings. Just remember not to cut too much hair. About a quarter inch on each section should do the trick.

7. Eat more protein

It is true that we are what we eat and the same thing for hair. Hair is constructed primarily of keratin, a protein, it is logical to assume that the swing locks you have always dreamed must ramp up their protein consumption to grow stronger and stronger. If your hair is thin and breaks easily due to daily wear, try adding more protein-rich foods such as fish, almonds, soybeans, nonfat yogurt, or lean poultry in your diet. 

8. Add biotin to your list
Biotin - a B vitamin that occurs naturally in foods such as salmon, spinach, wheat germ, egg yolks, chicken and almonds - is known to prevent hair loss, with a long list of other health benefits. Biotin can also be taken in supplement form for busy people who can not commit a stable meal schedule.

Note: As always, remember to consult a doctor before taking supplements or vitamins to avoid an overdose !! 

9. Massage the scalp regularly
It not only feels good, massaging the scalp stimulates hair follicles also increases circulation to the head improves mental function and relieves tension. It is best to book a time when you can focus on the scalp massage and nothing more. However, if you lead a busy life, there is nothing wrong with sneaking a quick massage on the head while sitting in traffic or that you expect to start a conference call. Scalp massage combined with deep breathing to enhance the calming effect and relax a bit. Add a natural argan oil such as chamomile or additional health benefits that these oils are excellent for skin and hair!Last but not least ...

10. Do not give up! 

Growing long, beautiful hair is not done overnight. After all, the average human hair grows at a rate of half an inch per month. Follow these tips, be diligent, and be patient knowing that you are on your long stronger and healthier hair way. 
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