How to have a healthy and strong hair

How to have a healthy and strong hairHello. A few months ago, I did not think much about the fact that the hair needs to stay healthy, too, and I can not treat it as you wish. Although the hair is strong, it is also very fragile in a way, and we must take care of it.

After these steps, you are not only your hair stays healthy and also grow faster. Indeed, he made sure that all the nutrients and vitamins it needs it gets. Furthermore, these measures will make your whole body much healthier.

I started thinking about my health hair when I decided to grow dreadlocks, or as we say in Finland, for some reason, "dreadlocks", and not only do not want my hair grow faster, but also make it more difficult to ensure dreads that are as good as possible from the start.

I recommend everyone to read this advice, and obey, because it will improve the quality of your life in many ways. You will not get sick so often, you will be stronger, you probably still live significantly longer!

Step 1: Make sure you eat healthy
This is the most important, certainly not. Eat many types of food, such as fish, vegetables, meats, fruits, etc.
You should also eat daily multivitamin pills, zinc, magnesium and Calsium too. I do not think it has a direct effect, but omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are very important for the heart and veins. You get them from oily fish or pills. Fear not, there is nothing unhealthy taking pills as long as you take the recommended dose. Make sure you get enough protein in their diet.

A little chocolate chips or from time to time does not hurt, but be sure to keep as a special treat, not a daily snack.

Step 2: Drink water
This is simple. Drink. Water. 6-8 glasses of water a day is extremely important for you, and it's not a difficult thing to do. Yet, many people (including myself there just a month or two) forget to drink almost no water at all. When they are hungry, open a can of Coke and blow. Do not do that.

Step 3: Do not wash your hair too often
Of course, it is important for hygiene shower every day, but just wash your hair with shampoo or these 2-3 times a week. That is about once every two days. This is because the shampoo cleans the natural oils from your scalp, leading to oily hair (because to compensate for that, your body starts to produce more of these oils than it should of course) and many cases dandruff, the most fragile hair.

Consider replacing your regular shampoo with a natural shampoo that is in the "hippie shops." This not only saves nature but almost all conventional shampoos contain this gelatinous substance which, after washing the left in the Shampoo the hair. This is how they do their hair, "shiny and smooth", but in reality is very unhealthy.Oh, I forgot. After showering, rub vigorously not only dry the hair. Either no hair at all dry, or press the towel against your hair. If you paint your hair, to a maximum of twice a day, and never when the hair is wet. If you have dandruff, you should comb the scalp once a week just before the shower with a comb like this in the picture. It very effectively removes dead skin, also known as dandruff, your scalp.

Step 4: Use hair conditioners found in nature
One method that seems rare, but important is to take a little less than a teaspoon of coconut oil, rub your palms so that it melts, and then, not fingers but palms, frottez- on the hair, making the scalp gets some too. For this, a half hour before going to shower once a week or two, and I guarantee that your hair will be healthier.
Coconut oil is very rich in nutrients, which are sucked into the hair and scalp, and also compensates for the 'shock' when you get your hair shampoo, leading to natural oils from your hair and scalp.
Believe me, it sounds silly, but it's true.

Step 5: Avoid stress
Try to relax as much as possible. In a stressful situation, either to defuse a bomb before it explodes or finishing the important project before maturity, stressing that it will only do one thing, and that negatively affects your performance.
He had a long day at the office? Stretch your neck, back and legs. This will not only increase traffic but releases tension. Too much stress over long periods of time can actually stop hair growth because your body decides it's more important to preserve all possible energy. This is also why people stress can be short.

Step 6: However, make sure that you live healthy
Exercise. Socialize. Eat healthy. They are very important for your health, fitness and mood.
If, for you, the socialization word makes you fight because they are just not as social, obeying the other two will make you more loved and more social. Stay fit and exercise, in general, self-awareness is increasing rapidly, and healthy eating .. so admits exercise.

I hope this tutorial will help you develop strong hair, and keep your body healthy. I will ensure that, especially if you do not have healthy habits before, you will see the result in your hair condition in the first two weeks.
By: Loikkonen

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