How to make hair healthy and strong again

How to make hair healthy and strong againHow does that hair grows quickly, healthy and strong again? many ways are done by people to get healthy hair, strong and fast growing back, ranging from medicine to herbal way.

How about you? Do you want your hair grow faster, healthier and stronger?

It is a known fact of life: The girls are always changing her hair. They grow in years to realize that they want their hair to be short. After a week short hair, they realize they are losing their hair long and repeat the cycle. In fact, in today's world of "Justin Bieber Hairstyle," a lot of guys are still trying to grow hair faster.

Well, personally, my hair is still recovering from a bad haircut. It was essentially cut in a mullet and never fully recovered. Because I want to grow my hair long faster, like you, and I'm tired of putting my extensions every day, I will teach you ways to help your hair grow legitimately faster.

1. Try to keep your hair damage
The first thing you can do to help grow hair faster is to eliminate sources of damage.Just so you know, I am the queen * of damaged hair.I can not even count how many times I color my hair black, only to bleach blond back to back, and back and forth.

The last time I colored my hair platinum blonde, I committed to keeping it that way. I try to go as long as possible between hair colors to give it time to heal. People ask me all the time how my hair is so healthy, fresh and bright, although bleach it. I am constantly review between colors.  

I really like 10 Hair Masque is a miracle. When I'm at home, doing homework, I'll put some conditioner in your hair, put a plastic bag around it, and leave. Sometimes I even sleep with it in my hair. I also try to keep my job the minimum flat iron. Do daily hair iron, do not wear protection / conditioning spray as HealthySexyHair "Soya Want Flat Hair Flat Iron Spray" that permeates the hair with proteins you use. I also use protein shampoo / conditioner often. By Bedhead Dumb Blonde is my favorite. Keep in mind that your hair needs more protein. 

I live in Nevada, where there are usually around 0% humidity, so every once in a while use a moisturizing shampoo. My favorite is Bedhead Urban Antidotes Recovery Level 2. For more information on maintaining the health of white hair here. You will never be able to grow hair faster, if you create the constant rupture. Well, now that we understand how important it is to keep your hair healthy ...  

2. Cut your hair every 6 weeks 
Many people do not think the haircut will help you grow faster. Well, it does not grow faster, which will eliminate split ends, which could lead to shorter hair. The best analogy I've heard is to think of their hair as a piece of string. When the rope begins to fray, you have to burn the piece that is frayed or continue to fray the rope above otherwise. If you have split ends, not cut, they can continue to further divide your hair, causing breakage. The break means shorter hair. We can not have that if we try to grow faster.

You do not have much hair to cut off. Just be sure to express your stylist that you only want to trim the tips of your hair as they try to grow out, and want the split ends cut. Also be sure to let them know they do not cut more than a quarter / half inch. The best communication you give your stylist, the better he / she can understand what he wants and give it to you.

3. Take vitamins 
Probably still you hear that prenatal vitamins make your hair grow faster. I studied a lot about it in the past, and there is a large number of hormones produced during pregnancy is what really makes your hair grow, no prenatal vitamins.

This is a hair of the lesson: To normal people, at some point, 90% of hair is in the growth phase, while the other 10% is in a resting phase. That's why the hair grows unevenly after a haircut. After the resting phase, the hair follicle prepares for excretion phase. It is normal for anyone to lose about 50-100 hairs per day.

Increased levels of estrogen present in pregnant women causes all the hair it grows remain in phase. Therefore, you do not lose hair (which gives the impression that your hair is growing faster). Texture and hair color were also observed to change during pregnancy. Now keep in mind, before you rush to get pregnant, pregnant women lose a lot of hair after having a baby. This is because the estrogen levels fall back to normal, and not lose all the hair lost while they were pregnant.

So while prenatal vitamins are a bust, there are still other vitamins that help your hair grow faster. Rich in B vitamins are known to help your hair grow long. Vitamin B-complex containing biotin, folic acid and inositol help transform the hair growth cycle faster than before. There are even vitamin B complex shampoo is said to help your hair grow faster. It is said that the flaxseed oil, vitamin E and vitamin A also any help hair grow faster. I personally used the Nioxin vitamins that are designed for growth and hair pills "hair, skin and nails," and I have seen the positive effects of both.

4. Remove the factors that prevent hair growth 
Keep in mind that everything you put into your body through your hair. Different types of drugs can cause different reactions to your hair. Sometimes drugs cause permanent color or not to take, and some can cause your hair to fall out.  

Your hair does not grow faster if you are constantly losing hair. The most common types of medications that cause hair loss include drugs against acne, antibiotics, antidepressants, contraceptives, anticoagulants, anti-cholesterol pills, drugs that suppress the immune system, epilepsy medicines, drugs used in breast cancer, medications for high blood pressure, hormone replacement therapy, mood stabilizers, steroids, drugs for weight loss and thyroid medications. It does not depend on the dose you are taking and how sensitive you are to them. I do not know much about the health industry, then I recommend you talk to a doctor about what you take.

Now drugs are a difficult thing to deal with because many of us need our medicines. But another thing to consider is that if you are unhealthy, so is her hair. Eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water, not smoking / drinking alcohol are factors that play a role in hair growth.Another big problem is stress. Stress is a series of awful things to your body, but can also cause hair loss. Easier said than done sometimes, but try to eliminate stress if you want your hair grow faster.

5. Stimulate the scalp
There is an old wives tale that says if you brush your hair 100 times every night before bedtime, it will make your hair grow faster. Not only is this not true, but brushing the hair is really bad hair. The hairs are trapped in small tangles and clothes usually torn, creating the break enemy. When the hair is wet, it must comb wide tooth comb to help remove the break.

There is something called "scientific brushed" which is said to help hair grow faster though. It is essential that you use a natural bristle brush and remember, you brush against her scalp, not the scalp. Brushing your hair around first, then you brush paragraphs 1/2 inches along her scalp. When you brush, making a rocking motion. The hairs stimulate and put the blood flow to your scalp, which promotes hair grow faster. Do this before you wash your hair. I also comb first to ensure that there are no tangles. Scientific brushing can also help with dandruff.

When washing your hair, massage your scalp too. This is the same as the scientific brushing. Sometimes it is even better to wash hair twice so you get a better froth. I would spend a few minutes to massage the scalp. Not only help but also feel good!

6. Nioxin / Invati 
Working in the hair industry, I have heard many good things about Nioxin. In fact, I had a client who specifically told me that was so weird, because hair grows a lot and had a lot of new growth. I could not understand why he grew up. I asked what she wears. She said, "Nioxin". I told him that Nioxin is formulated to grow hair and she did not even know. Now she's hooked on it for life. She will buy another bottle before it is exhausted , so you never have to go without. It works by detoxifying your scalp, elimination and neutralization of toxins, cleaning the pores and reduce inflammation of the scalp. It also cleans the hair follicle hormones causing male pattern baldness.

It is so controversial Nioxin really work or no hair grow faster. The answer is that it works differently in each. I have heard people say that I have used for months a month and see no difference. I also know people who swear by it. We do not know if it really makes your hair grow faster or just stop hair loss. Anyway, I think it works and keeps your scalp healthy, it can not hurt. I know that the best results are seen when the vacuum cleaner, conditioner, scalp treatment and scalp treatment (which you spray on after leaving the shower) are used.  

I recommend this kind of starter kit. I also know that it takes a few months to start seeing remarkable results. I have heard people say they think Nioxin hair dry, but my personal experience is that it makes my hair feel very soft and hydrated when using. Yesterday it was brought to my attention that there is a new product as Nioxin, made by Aveda called Invati. I can not really tell you anything about it, but is supposed to work well, and Aveda is the name of the trust, so I thought it would be good. 

7. Eat lots of protein
I know someone who receives a gastrointestinal bypass soon. Doctors instruction that she needs to eat a lot of protein before and after surgery. The doctor said that all extra protein will grow hair faster. It makes sense, right? Hair is composed of 80% protein. If your body does not get enough protein, you can not have enough to give to the hair follicles, so hair grow more slowly.

8. Rogaine

If all else fails, there's always Rogaine. Rogaine is FDA approved, topical medication over-the-counter making it out to make your hair grow faster. Minoxidil is the active ingredient in Rogaine, and exactly how it works is not proven. Originally a medicine used to treat high blood pressure, but it works best for hair growth to maintain blood pressure. A 16-week study showed that 85% of people using properly experienced new hair growth. They reported only mild side effects, including scalp irritation and itching. I say worth a try! 
By: Hollee Eckenrode 

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