What foods to avoid for healthy hair?

What foods to avoid for healthy hair?Hair plays an important role in the development of the personality of every individual, man or woman. Bright eyes, bright and are an indication of strong healthy body and a healthy mind...

However, due to poor eating habits, many people experience the growth of unhealthy and weak hair.

Unhealthy foods alters the body's mechanism and causes hair damage, dry hair and hair loss. Find out why hair moisture is an important aspect of hair care and how it contributes to the strength and health of your hair. "

Moreover, as the years pass, many factors affect the texture of your hair. However, through haircare, you can still have healthy hair if you start to avoid certain foods and exercise regularly.

Therefore, if you suffer from hair loss, brittle hair, gray hair, then here are the foods that should be avoided at all costs.

Foods to avoid for healthy hair  
1. Stop eating junk food:
Junk food like potato chips, french fries, soda and other junk foods are very unhealthy. The oil containing additives that are harmful to your body. Encourage chemical imbalance and affect the body, which in turn causes hair loss and excessive dandruff.

2. Avoid alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and carbonated drinks:

Alcohol and soft drinks have no nutritional value. They make it difficult assimilation of essential nutrients in the body. The nutrients are responsible for hair growth better. Consequently, alcohol, and soft drinks degrade the quality of the hair, leading to thinning of hair. In addition, caffeine and nicotine destroy vitamin C present in the body. Therefore, your hair becomes dull, dry and dull.

3. Avoid soy protein shakes:
Protein shakes contain soy protein available in food stores and gyms are very unhealthy, because isolated soy requires hexane (a solvent oil) in the refining profit. It can lead to hair loss, it is best to avoid these drinks.

4. Stay away from high in dietary cholesterol: 

Foods that are high in cholesterol and saturated fats increase the levels of DHT. DHT or dihydrotestosterone is an endocrine secretion. In addition, increased levels of DHT destroy hair follicles.

5. Limited use of salt: the excessive consumption of salt also damages hair follicles. 

Use of iodized salt for cooking purpose, because it is essential for hair growth.

6. Avoid foods that claim to contain artificial flavor or natural flavor:
Avoid foods that claim to contain natural flavor or artificial flavor, because these ingredients the use of pesticides, fertilizers and of chemical herbicides are grown.

7. Be careful if you use spices:

The spices are healthy, but only if used in the right proportions. Some companies include lots of salt, chemicals, pepper and oregano in spices, which are harmful to the hair.

Avoid foods and chemicals containing sweeteners Splenda

Sweeteners such as sucrose, fructose and dextrose destroy essential vitamins such as E, K and C in the body, which are essential for healthy hair. The lack of these vitamins to stop hair growth and make it opaque and fragile. Therefore, avoid eating chocolates, drinks, desserts containing these chemical sweeteners.

Some desserts, sauces, stuffing, health products, soups, syrups, baked goods, ice cream, toppings and chewing gums containing Splenda. Splenda is one of natural and synthetic products, increased allergies, appetite and depression, causing the hair loss.

In addition to poor eating habits, malnutrition is another hair loss factor. Therefore, a balanced diet to get the bright, hair strong and healthy foods.

By: Danielle Bryce

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