10 tips for better brain

10 tips for better brainYou've probably heard the phrase, "We use only 10% of our brains", right? Well, that's not exactly true, but there are some things you can do to improve this group often misunderstood gray matter there.

You understand that to get bigger and stronger you have to work on your arms, legs, chest, abdomen, back, etc. Right? Well, your brain is no different. OK, maybe a little ... you will not be "cut" and start expanding his skull if it works, but can become stronger, faster and more efficient.


The fact that you're awake does not mean that your brain stopped even hit the snooze button. If you do not give your brain a chance to speed up early in the morning, then it is probably used to sleep a little more than you. Besides being dangerous (see how many accidents there on the way to work?), So it makes you less effective for the day. It is important to start your brain in the morning, so that when you really need, is already up and running at optimal speed.  

No matter how you do it, but just do something for yourself less than a brainless zombie. Do some clues crossword in the newspaper in the morning, or make a quick puzzle Sudoku. Just do anything that takes more thought than brushing your teeth white. You will notice a difference for all day, and become more efficient during those first hours in the office stunned.

The next time you can not remember a small detail or fact, try to cast their eyes back and forth from left to right. I learned a few weeks ago, and I was amazed to see how it works. The science behind this is that the brains of everyone has a left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. Both halves need to communicate constantly to get through their daily lives. However, the connection between the right and left hemispheres and most people are not as strong as it could be. Casting his eyes from side to side helps strengthen the connection long enough to remember what you're looking for time. I used this technique at least 5-10 times since learned and worked every time. And it only takes a few seconds to look like I'm having a stroke!


Need to remember a speech at a meeting or any state capitals for a test tomorrow? Your brain does most of his newspaper "presentation" and "direct" while you sleep. Take all the little things that you experienced that day, and stored in different areas of his mind dedicated to this information. So if you review and read about the things you need to remember the night just before bedtime, this information will be fresh, and receive a higher priority to be saved.


In the case of "Man vs. Machine" when it comes to the brain, the man (or woman) win! The human brain has about 1000 times the memory capacity of even the biggest, baddest team! The way we store information is also more efficient, because our memories (files) span multiple neurons, even if we lose a few neurons (megabytes), which does not modify our ability to retrieve this information.

Testosterone seems to play an important role in strengthening connections between neurons. The better and stronger these connections are faster and more efficiently your brain can work. So while you're pumping iron and increase your testosterone levels, which is literally "exercise" your brain simultaneously.

Over 60% of your brain is used for the sense of sight. That is why many people can remember things they have seen more easily than the things I heard. You can use it to your advantage by creating a visual image of the things you want to remember. The strange or creative vision, the more stand out in your mind to recover faster. Say you have a quick grocery trip, and you need milk, eggs, sausage, bacon, orange juice, biscuits and syrup. Imagine Jessica Alba with a milk mustache breaking eggs with biscuit dough box, then pour the syrup into his orange juice and drink while flipping sausages and bacon to pan. Believe me, this is not an image that is easy to forget!


Sometimes your brain tells your body to stop or slow down, even when your body does not need at the moment. When you run as fast as you can, or pumping of the last representatives of gut-busting signals, the muscles are sent to your brain saying, "Wow, this is hard!". In response, the brain sends signals back saying: "Yes, you should probably stop now, do not hurt us" Although this can sometimes be a good thing to help prevent injury or property. burnout, most often, your brain is a little too overprotective and throw the towel too early. Try to concentrate all your energy at this time to go ahead and finish.


You've just finished sucking until Slurpee or beaten, and now you pay for it, "Brainfreeze". It is actually just the roof of the mouth that is freezing, but as it is close to your brain, your brain overheating to protect the body. So next time, press your tongue firmly against the roof of your mouth, and cover as much of it as possible. This heat it, thus taking your brain to the panic mode.

If you've come all the way here to # 10 in the "brain" section, is likely to become an open mind intrigued by the workings of the mind than those who slept before # 5. Thus, it is likely that you have heard talk about it, but if you do not have it, you will enjoy learning more about quantum physics. Do a quick search on Google and / or Amazon and you will have enough information to delight you for weeks.

Keep moving by taking creative steps that are beneficial to themselves, others and the environment. A life full of creativity and fresh ideas really help your brain health as well. That's 10 tips for better brain that benefit us all.
By: Brandon Johnsonn

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