Acne description

Acne descriptionAcne description - Many adolescents still do not know what is acne on your face when it appears for the first time. Acne is a skin condition that causes spots usually appear between 12-25 years, but sometimes found in adulthood around 30 or 40 years.  

Spots on the skin of red or yellow and can cause scarring in the skin when cured. Today we see many types of acne treatments on the market, but keep in mind that all acne can be cured by using the same type of drug. For example, a topical treatment, some people can be cured with this drug, but others have improved, including a very stubborn acne commonly called acne cysts.

Acne appears on the skin of the face, chest, back and arms, but often happened to your face. Research said that nearly 80% of people worldwide suffer from acne problem, no matter the color of their skin. To understand what is acne, then we need to know about our skin, which is the affected body part. The skin surface contains a large amount of sebaceous glands called, the position of these glands are below the surface.  

The gland produces oil, called sebum, sebum function is to make the skin soft and supple. Another part of the pores of the skin, the skin hole, it becomes the place of fat that rise to the surface and place of hair to grow to tubes argued that called follicle.

After knowing what is acne, then the next step is to understand what causes acne. As we know that the skin sebum and pores, acne occurs when sebum want to go to the surface, but stuck in the pores, this is the cause of acne. How can it be blocked? This happened because the sebaceous gland produces many oils while superimposing the dead cells from the skin follicles. This is how acne occurs.

Acne worse due to the contribution of bacteria is Propionibacterium acnes. They like to grow in the environment that contains a large amount of oil, tallow oil eating and openings which are skin inflammation. This is why patients are not allowed to squeeze your acne, it can add more bacteria.  

You must find a acne treatment when the first time you realize that acne has appeared to prevent it from becoming worse and cause scarring on your skin. This is the brief explanation of what is acne and how they happened, I hope, that this utility.
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