Acne Myth - 10 common acne myths that we know

Acne Myth - 10 common acne myths that we knowAcne Myth - 10 common acne myths that we know - There are many myths and misconceptions when it comes to acne. Many of these are rumors about what works and what does not cause acne. Food, hygiene and sex have always been common themes around the acne condition. However, there are many other myths about acne.

Myth # 1: Acne only affects your appearance:
Acne know was causing severe psychological stress and if severe enough, has also been known to take a picture of himself below, as well as depression. The research concluded that there is a strong link between social isolation and severe acne.

Myth # 2: Acne is caused by poor hygiene
Although cleaning is really important for healthy skin, lack of cleanliness is just not the only reason for outbreaks of Pimple. Buttons are rather due to the mixture of dead skin cells and oils that are in the surface of the skin which can make it very easy to clog the pores and grains are formed. Remember to wash your face by rubbing too hard or using foaming and drying aggressive substances can worsen your pimples.

Myth # 3: Acne is caused by certain foods 
Chocolate has long been blamed for grain production, studies have produced no direct scientific evidence and firm it is. Some people report a strong increase in pimples after consuming a large amount of fries, potato chips and sugar, these may be foods that can aggravate your pimples, but do not cause acne.

Myth # 4: Once the grains you just have to wait out 

You can get treatment for their beans against by products or if you have severe acne, you will need the help of a dermatologist to determine the appropriate treatment methods.

Myth # 5: Your pimples disappear use the most zit mediation

Other people really believe they could improve their shins, if only they could use more medicine. This is a bad idea because most drugs have a negative risk if taken in large quantities. The US shins excessive topical creams, gels, serums can also irritate the skin.

Myth # 6: Sunbathing is good for pimples
Exposure of the skin to the sun, you can remove excess sebum, which can improve acne, but only in the short term. If continuous exposure to the sun, your skin will adapt to this and cereals can be imperturbable. Overexposure of skin to sun can also cause premature aging and even lead to an increased risk of skin cancer.

Myth # 7: Makeup causes acne
No makeup out there that can clog pores and lead to blackheads, so make sure you use cosmetics or other skin care that have been labeled as "nonacnegenic" and "non-comedogenic", which makes them more safe for your skin. At present, he is out there that are actually makeup to effectively treat acne.

Myth # 8: The buttons occur only teenagers 
It is true that many teenagers have to deal with pimples and blackheads on their lives, most people just assume that the buttons happen to people in their teens. The truth is, acne can clear in their 20s, but some people may be surprised to find you are suddenly faced with buttons for the first time in their 30s and 40s. It is also important to know that some people will face pimple outbreaks for the rest of their lives.

Myth # 9: Acne and sex are linked 

You've probably heard that sex and excessive sexual activity leads to pimple outbreaks, however there is no proven scientific evidence to further support this. You will find there a link between sexual activity and hormones, but the buttons are assigned to the anger and stress, these changes also affect hormone production.

Myth # 10: Popping pimples is a good way to get rid of them
Popping your pimples or zits is not a good way to get rid of them, as a matter of fact pop some corn or grain that can be usually results in permanent acne scars and infection worsens Pimple.

That myth about acne usually appears in public, reference should look for the right acne treatment that not one step, and would actually make worse, consult your doctor skin health experts you trust.
By: Moira Desta 

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