How to keep your heart strong and healthy

How to keep your heart strong and healthy
How to keep your heart strong and healthy - Ninety-nine percent of heart disease can be prevented by changing diet and lifestyle, "said Dean Ornish, MD, a clinical professor of medicine at the University of California at San Francisco and author of Dr. Dean Program Ornishs.

Some types of fat appear to increase levels of LDL "bad", which line the arteries with plaque and can cause heart attack or stroke. While it is good fat, the fat hand as monounsaturated (think olive oil and avocados) and polyunsaturated, such as omega-3 fatty acids (found in sunflower oil, soybeans, and some fish) levels of LDL - low and increase levels of "good "HDL cholesterol.

Here are some of the right way to keep the heart healthy and strong, you could take it as a reference and healthy living habit.

1. Replace prunes or apple butter in cooking mashed recipes. 
2. Exercise! Research shows the best aerobic athletes tend to live five years. 
3. Reduce salt intake by replacing canned vegetables with ice. 
4. See the glass half full. The positivity is associated with a stronger heart. 
5. Choose potassium! This mineral helps balance sodium levels (a major culprit in damaging our hearts).

6. Take a square of 70 percent dark chocolate. It has powerful antioxidant and anti-coagulation. 

7. Know the symptoms of hypertension? Trick question: There are none! Having a pharmacist or your doctor SEE this week. 
8. Replace the desk chair with an exercise ball. It is a great way to burn extra calories and increase core strength. 
9. What motivates you to stay healthy? Write the reasons on sticky notes and post them at work and at home to remember and inspire. 
10. Learn to say no. Say yes to everything can lead to stress and poor health.

11. Experiment with whole grains: Test pot barley, teff, buckwheat, millet, bulgur or quinoa and berries. 
12. Go nuts! Studies show a handle five times per week reduces the risk of heart disease. 
13. Stay calm. When anger rises, your blood pressure may also increase. 
14. Serve lentils, beans or tofu as the main place of meat. With some relish that really shine! 
15. Choose a pedometer. Try adding 100 steps in total every week.

16. Avoid added sugars. Enjoy your coffee or tea with cinnamon instead. 

17. Commit to Fitness: Walk any distance that is 10 minutes or less. 
18. Stock your refrigerator with low fat or nonfat dairy products.
19. For romantic comedy. Science Links watching funny movies with beneficial blood flow throughout your body. 
20. Do you like. A strong heart is emotionally and physically fit.

21. According to the best heart doctors, exercise is like a dream: you can not supply. Get up, go ahead! 
22. stretch! Flexible muscles mean flexible arteries. 
23. LOL ASAP: Laughter really is the best medicine. Relieves stress and improves the immune system. 
24. Start a new Thanksgiving tradition. Take the time to walk with your family and friends to enjoy the fall colors.
25. Dine right! Search keywords like baked, broiled, poached or steamed from the menu.

26. Lift weights: For each pound of muscle you build, you will burn an extra 10 calories each day. 

27. Clarify a cold morning. Taking a low-calorie London Fog with Earl Grey tea, vanilla extract and low milk steamed fat. 
28. Great B vitamins - that raise good cholesterol by 15-35 percent. 
29. Make a stress inventory. Take five minutes to see where tension remains: jaw, shoulders, neck. Now, breathe, stretch, relax! 
30. Calendar More dinners. Families dine together to make healthy decisions together.

31. releasing the pressure and perfectionism. Relax and pamper yourself. 
32. Ditch the soda. A window one day can add up to 15 pounds in a year! 
33. Serve a bowl of soup made with low sodium broth. 
34. Snack on raw vegetables instead of chips when you feel like a small crisis. 
35. Use bowls and smaller plates at home. Portion control protects your heart.

36. Mothers-to-be low-impact exercise to give babies a head start on heart health. 

37. stressed? Take a pencil. Writing about stressful events can help release negative emotions and feel better. 
38. Create a room without stress. Turn down the thermostat and try earplugs and light-blocking curtains. 
39. heart healthy new sample, such as soybean, safflower and sesame. 
40. Try a pause time and the gym instead. Stash elastic bands and skipping rope in his bag.

41. This week we have a cozy movie night. Serve fat cocoa and popcorn seasoned with Cajun spices. 
42. Stressed? He speaks with a friend. It'll make you feel better and maintain unhealthy stress levels down!
43. Forget about frying! Try steaming, roasting, baking or food for healthier meals, as a starter. It fills you up without adding calories mega! 
44. Toss some chia seeds on your salad for a heart stroke fiber and healthy omega-3 fatty acids. 
45. Schedule a weekly training time with a friend. Studies show that losing more weight all!

46. ​​Salt Easy! Try not more than 2300 mg per day (which is a teaspoon). 

47. up the volume! Listen to music from well-hormone release. 
48. Clinging to release anger heart pain of frustration. Repeated episodes can be thickened artery walls.
49. Smile! When the beam outside the beam inside as well. The search connects happiness with strong hearts. 
50. Replace screen time with face time. Limit television to two hours a day.

51. Reaching family and friends. Socializing is good for your heart!
52. Hours of relaxation in your week. Try tai chi, yoga, meditation or a quiet walk in the park. 
53. Enjoy the bounty of the fall: Get fennel, okra, beans, corn, onion and squash at the end of summer in your plate. 
54. To make the wait less stressful, keep Sudoku puzzles, knitting or a book in his bag. 
55. curb cravings with healthy snacks: low-fat cheese and grapes or celery, or a handful of walnuts and a pear.

56. Leave the car at home! Try walking, cycling or public transport to get where you need to go. 

57. Window-shopping is good for you! When it's miserable outside, hitting the mall for 30 minutes of brisk walking. 
58. This is the margarine does not mean it is healthy for the heart. Check the label: Must be non-hydrogenated and trans fat. 
59. Move your feet with the motivation: Register for a fun run or a charity walk for a good cause. 
60. You can not say no to a friend? Promise your BFF be active with it - you're more likely to go!

61. Discover your city with a guided walk or take an afternoon to explore a new neighborhood on foot. 
62. Get tested! Fifty percent of women have high cholesterol.
63. Freight less about the future. Excessive anxiety can highlight your heart. 
64. Say thank you! Expressing gratitude reduces stress, which can help take the extra strain on your heart. 
65. Substitute lean ground turkey meat. It has less saturated fat.

66. Add more color to your plate. You can improve heart health immediately climb your intake of fruits and vegetables. 

67. Visualize a healthier life. It is the first step to make lasting changes. 
68. Measuring blood pressure at the pharmacy. Half of all people with high blood pressure do not know. 
69. Other pureed vegetables in sauces and soups for a boost in stealth health! 
70. Stick to low GI foods. They can cause less sugar spikes in the blood, which means less stress on your heart.

71. Eat whole fruit instead of drinking fruit juice, insoluble fiber. 
72. Get used to the restaurant: always take home a bag for the dog. 
73. Ponte first. Smoke free stay, eat well and exercise; these are some lifestyle changes that can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke by 80 percent. 
74. Relax. It is good for the heart and soul. 
75. Experiment with a new Indian Dahl recipe. Legumes I not tasted so good!

76. healthy sex lives make for heart health. A sexy session can be as good for the heart as a brisk walk. 

77. Try tabbouleh! It is a great way to get more whole grains tasty. 
78. Examples of new gaps Try peanut, hazelnut or almond butter on bread. 
79. Join a community garden in your area. Gardening reduces stress and can burn 400 calories per hour! 
80. Quit smoking - No butts about it! Smokers are three times more likely to die from heart disease.

81. Sunbathing! A good dose of vitamin D keeps the healthy cells of the heart. 
82. Put the first sleep (aim for at least seven hours). Sweet dreams make hearts happy.
83. Brush and floss! They are used to freshen breath. Good oral health can reduce the risk of heart attack.
84. Check the nutrition labels: If sugar is the first or second ingredient, just say no! It is not a healthy choice. 
85. Work on the exercise whenever you can. In the office, crouched up almost sitting in his chair. Do 15 repetitions. Easy!

86. I live in a "healthy heart bell. Grocery stores and walking distance to parks encourage the occasional exercise. 

87. Freight less about the future. Excessive anxiety can highlight your heart. 
88. Plain popcorn is a healthy snack for the heart! 
89. Be aware of every bite. Slow down and savor the taste. 
90. Ditch fried and commercial bakery foods. Dramatically increase the risk of heart disease!

91. Be good for your heart now. Seeds are planted early in the disease. Stop them before they take root.
92. Use healthy fats like olive oil pressed cold, extra virgin on your salad.
93. Draft Start! Foods rich in fiber are the best ways to help prevent heart disease.
94. Building a better breakfast. Oatmeal is a healthy start for the heart (extra points to sprinkle flax seeds on top).
95. Take time to cuddle. A little tight can help lower blood pressure and reduce stress.
96. Play a sport you like! A heart is a happy heart condition.

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