18 little known ways to lose weight

18 little known ways to lose weight18 little known ways to lose weight - Losing weight is much easier than you think. No need to pay tens of books or hire an expensive personal trainer because all you need is sitting on the fingertips.

Here are 18 little known ways to lose weight.

1. Drink water with every meal
Studies have shown that drinking water with each meal can reduce the amount of food you eat during a meal. It will also help you stay hydrated and improve the functioning of your digestive system.

2. Eat 5-6 small meals a day

Eat 5 or 6 small meals each day will speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight more easily.

3. Look at the blue

The researchers found that the blue color is a natural appetite suppressant because blue is not a color that the brain traditionally associated with food. You can enter using blue blue clothes or using blue plates.

4. Use a pedometer and aim for 2000-3000 pesos a day
Using a pedometer can help you keep track of your movement and losing weight faster. It is recommended that you aim for 2000-3000 steps a day to lose weight.

5. Write down everything you eat
Carrying around a food diary detailing everything you eat, you will be more aware of what you put in your body. Chances are that you will change your eating habits after doing this because you know exactly what you are doing wrong.

6. Prepare your meals in advance
Prepare meals in advance can save time, money and calories. Cook all your meals in advance and have them ready to go for lunch, dinner and breakfast. Just having meals automatically lists force you to stay on track. 

7. Reduce food intake as day follows
Since the body is more active during the day, it is recommended that you eat more of their food during the day and gradually decrease the amount as the day continues. You should eat the morning and less at night.

8. Make small changes
Rarely drastic changes tend to work for weight loss over time. The best thing to do is to apply small lifestyle changes that are durable for you.

9. Exercise for 30 minutes at 1 am
People who exercise tend to do it constantly for about 30 minutes to 1 hour in the morning. It is always beneficial to exercise later, but it is easier to maintain the habit if you do it in the morning.

10. Take an appetite suppressant
By taking a natural supplement that can suppress appetite and increase the capacity of burning fat can give a boost to weight loss program. An example is phen375, secure and available without a prescription.

11. Use smaller plates
You will not eat especially if you have smaller plates and psychologically to make the body feel like you've eaten enough food.

12. Do not eat in front of television

Eating in front of TV reality will make you eat more food. If you eat at a dinner table, then chances are you'll be more aware of what and how much.

13. Chew
The reason why many people eat a lot is that they rarely take the time to chew your food. Chew food will make you eat less food and more satisfaction from food. 

14. Plan your meals and use a shopping list
If you plan your meals and use a shopping list, it is likely that you will have more healthy foods in general. Much of junk food that people buy because they have a shopping list and tend to take everything they see.

15. Know when to cheat

Sometimes you have to have that piece of chocolate cake or ice cream scoop. It is essential to allow you to take a break to make lasting changes in your diet. It is simply unrealistic to say that you will never eat another dessert.

16. Search companion weight loss
Having a partner in your weight loss journey will help you stay on track, as it will be responsible for someone else. Set goals with a body and help each other along the way.

17. Reduce stress levels
Stress is a major contributor to weight gain, it will reduce the stress of losing weight. This could mean meditation, writing or finding a hobby that you find relaxing.

18. Get at least 6-8 hours of sleep
Sleep more at night will reduce stress and help maintain long-term weight.

Weight loss is really a simple journey that begins a step in the right direction. Apply these tips to your weight loss if necessary staff travel and see the pounds drop off.

By: Oumizou 


  1. I was finding it hard to lose weight. I had low energy and I was always hungry. I’d heard about Phen375 and decided to give it a try.
    aden paul

    1. Weight problems has always been a serious problem, especially when it's extreme, not a few people who want to improve its appearance by losing weight, a good idea thanks paul