How to get healthy long and strong hair

How to get healthy long and strong hair
How to get healthy long and strong hair - Learn simple and effective ways to develop long and strong hair.

How to grow long and strong hair? This is a question I speak many many people desperate to grow a long, thick mane! Well, in this article I'll show you how to get your hair growth.

The average growth rate for humans is between half and one inch per month. This is just a figure and the actual growth rate varies from individual to individual. This rate of growth can be greatly improved by the simple reason that most people are not growing their hair at the optimum speed!

The first step to grow healthy hair is to keep it healthy and do not cut his hair just because everyone says you should get an adjustment. Get an adjustment only if you need to get rid of split ends and damaged. The fact is that if you want to grow hair long every inch counts and thus the more you go into his hair cut hair.

To encourage the growth of health stop using the heat in her hair, heat the process of growth will slow. The hair is dried and causes it to break. So dry your hair naturally and do not use tools such as warming a hairdryer and iron.

The absolute best way to prevent split ends and damaged hair is to air dry and then comb the hair with a wide tooth comb off comb will prevent breakage and also to stimulate the blood flow to your scalp .

Never brush your hair when wet. Use a wide tooth comb and you avoid damage and breakage. Wet hair is prone to stretching and breaking. So try to avoid brushing your hair a lot.

Use a good herbal oil and massage your scalp often with him. Mira is a good oil when the oil and head massage is oil, which will help to stimulate healthy hair growth and quick applies.

Taking vitamins for hair, hair vitamins provide the necessary nutrients so it can grow long hair. Buenos biotin and prenatal pills are two that are known to grow out healthy tresses.

Follow the above steps and that will grow long hair
John Mentis

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