Natural acne treatment

Natural acne treatmentNatural acne treatment - Our first reaction is panic of this embarrassing and painful problem and the overwhelming fear that you will not have control over their eruptions. But with some simple tips that fear can be conquered.

Before making an appointment with a dermatologist, there are natural remedies that can be as effective as medication.  

With the right nutritional balance and skin is all the needs of your body. By following these simple tips you are taking the first steps to help cure your acne. In about four weeks, you should see a noticeable difference.

Tips for acne free skin: 

Honey mask application - by applying it to your face once or twice a week, disinfect antibacterial and healing minor blemishes. This is ideal for those of us with sensitive skin.

Use acne soap - wash your face twice a day with a sulfur based soap designed specifically for acne. Get into a routine to wash your face when you first wake up in the morning and again before going to bed A smooth rotational movement is to recommend and be careful not to rub your face. 
Also, use a soft cloth instead of one that is rough. Avoid over washing your skin as this will encourage your sebaceous glands to produce more sebum, creating an increase in acne.

Clean hair - long hair or bangs are stylish but hair contains oils that can be added to outbreaks of acne. Pull your hair and wash your face every day and after sport or strenuous exercise.

You eat your carrots - if you also try your mom to eat carrots is because of the beat-carotene (vitamin A). Vitamin A prevents acne by strengthening the protective skin tissue. This vitamin is essential for the maintenance and repair of skin tissue and mucous membranes are made and helps reduce sebum production. Vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant needed to rid your body of toxins.

You take vitamins - your skin is a vital organ that is usually neglected. According nutrition, acne can be a sign that something is wrong inside. When the body does not receive proper nutrition rebels by overproduction of sebum, clogging pores, and reduces the skin's ability to fight against bacteria and heal.

Makeup - many makeup products on the market today can contribute to clogged pores thus causing more pimples and blackheads. Use a water based makeup if you have to wear makeup.

Avoid shaking - resist the temptation to pick, press, rub or touch the blackheads and pimples. These actions increase the sebum production and rupture of the membrane below your skin. This can cause infection and sebum to spread under the skin resulting in more buttons.

Clean pillow case - where your face is in his pillowcase absorbs skin oils and dirt and accumulate oil. Keep your sheets and pillowcases eruptions Decrease own.

Foods rich in zinc - Zinc is an antibacterial agent which is a necessary element in the oil-producing glands of the skin. Diets low in zinc can actually cause acne breakouts.

Getting into a good skin care routine takes time and dedication. You need patience because the results will not happen overnight. But ultimately, you should see positive results.

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By: Patti Zimmerman

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