Understanding the link between acne and milk

Understanding the link between acne and milkUnderstanding the link between acne and milk - The link between acne and milk has been controversial for a long time; However, studies could show that milk causes acne.  

Studies have also shown that the skimmed milk eruptions induced more than whole milk. The main factors that cause acne are hormones present in milk.

Hormones interest 

Milk contains many hormones; however, two were found to cause acne. These hormones include:

Precursors of DHT: while main dihydrotestosterone (DHT) precursors are androstenedione and 5a-5a-pregnanedione. DHT stimulates the sebaceous glands creating an oily skin that is prone to clogging of the pores. When most of the pores are blocked, the skin can not breathe properly thus resulting in acne.

IGF-1: Studies have shown that milk contains a wealth of IGF-1 hormone is important for calves but not for you. IGF-1 is a growth hormone grown big and strong calves. Studies have shown that the more milk they consume, the more you develop acne.

How to get rid of acne 

So you can get rid of acne caused by milk, it is necessary to eliminate dairy products from your diet. These products include: ice cream, cheese, yogurt and kefir.

Since it is difficult to wake up one day and decide that you have stopped taking dairy products, you should start slowly. For example, you should start by reducing the amount of milk at breakfast. Once you succeed, then you should remove the product in their lunch and so on.

If you are really addicted to milk so can not stop taking it, you should not worry because there are many alternatives that you can go with. These options include: nut full biological coconut fat, sugar, coconut cream and sugar, milk organic coconut.

If you have the skills and time, you must prepare your own nut milk. Better go nuts are Brazil and hazelnuts.

While alternatives are great to have, should be careful because some of them contain high levels of sugar and vegetable oils that can aggravate your acne. To be on the safe side, you should consult your dietitian before taking the alternative.

Understanding the hormone-free milk

If you are interested, you must have met "hormone free milk." It is good to note that it is not the milk has hormones: milk without synthetic hormones. This means that milk obtained from cows that received no synthetic hormones.

Many people think that "hormone-free milk" hormone has problems, but it is not true. This milk contains IGF-1 hormone and other hormones so it is not good for the skin.


This is the link between acne and milk. There are people who believe that the goat and sheep is better than cow's milk. It is not worth. Although, goat and sheep A2 contains proteins that are easier to digest than A1 proteins found in cow's milk, it still contains the IGF-1 and other hormones that cause acne.

Do you want more details on acne Connection with milk? We have a lot of information here. 
By: Richa Bansal 

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