What causes acne and pimples?

What causes acne and pimples?What causes acne and pimples? - Anyone in the world can suffer from acne. No matter where you are our old you are.  

No matter if you are rich, poor, man or woman can still affect it. This is because the skin of each person is different, we all have our own factors that cause acne forms.

If you want to know what causes acne and pimples.The first thing you need to do so that you can begin to treat your acne is knowing what type of skin you have. This is so you can decide the most effective way to treat. For example, if you have oily skin does not want to be using moisturizers, cosmetics or cleaning products that are oil based.

You must be buying products that are free of oil. By the same logic, if you have dry skin should be the use of oil-based products because the skin needs extra oil.

All skin types need to be moisturized every day, even oily skin needs daily hydration. There are many good free moisturizers paints for use on oily skin. Dry skin is, however, comes with its own set of problems and hydration should be done with a product designed specifically for dry skin.

Prescribing the form of ointments and creams medicines is available from your doctor and to help keep dry buds and can even help to accelerate the replacement of cells in the infected areas of your acne skin. Topical treatments are designed to prevent clogging of pores before excess dirt and oil from the surface of the skin by eliminating the bacteria that cause acne are removed simultaneously. There are also natural remedies available that can help treat acne.

Before you begin to understand your acne problem you need to look at what causes acne problems. Understanding the causes will help in the development of appropriate treatment for acne.

Acne Causes

There are many factors that cause acne most of which, even now, are not fully understood. Some of the most common.

Stress - This plays an important role in the development of acne. The body releases chemicals and hormones that become toxins and waste when it becomes tense and will expel them. Some of them end up being expelled through the skin and this will contribute to the acne problem.

Hormones - They play an important role in the development of acne. The early teenage years bring many changes in the body and these changes often cause outbreaks of pimples, pimples and even cysts repeated. Years adults are no different, especially for women. Premenstrual problems and menopause can cause acne problems for many women. Hormone related acne produce extra oil, so products that help reduce or eliminate the oil will be best for this type of acne.

Products for skin care and cosmetics - is important to choose the right products for your skin. Using the wrong product will help your acne. The use of petroleum products for oily skin make things worse so you should check that the products conform to your skin type.

Chocolate - There are those who still believe that chocolate and confectionery products are a contributing factor to acne. The question remains widely studied and debated. Many experts say has nothing to do with acne, but may not be 100% sure.

The lifestyle that you live and the environment in which we live are the two factors that contribute to the cause of their acne problems. You must learn how to care for your skin, keep it hydrated, moisturized and learn to reduce the factors that cause the attacks of acne.
By: Martin Lane

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