Why use witch hazel for acne?

Why use witch hazel for acne?Why use witch hazel for acne? - Acne is feared by many and they'll do anything to get rid of. There are many remedies for acne and witch hazel, it is one of the best herbs you can use for effective results for acne.  

The herb has been used for years as a treatment for a variety of skin disorders and acne is one of them. It can be used as toner or a safe mask to treat acne, naturally and effectively. But why is witch hazel as a good cure for the condition?

It is an astringent

It is rich in tannin, which is a powerful antioxidant compound and astringent properties that cleanse the skin and shrink pores. This herb is very gentle on the skin and dry skin, as some products against acne so it is not very good at cleaning and toning of the infected skin or skin prone to disease. The astringent properties of the herb penetrate deep into the hair follicle to feed the cells, causing constriction ensure that rich blood nutrients and oxygen to reach the cells.

Reduces inflammation and swelling

For this, tighten pores, which reduces swelling due to tannin. The procynanadins and flavonoids present in the grass on the other hand work in the treatment of inflammation improve the appearance of acne and accelerate the healing process.

It is an anti-irritant 

This is because it has effects that are able to reduce irritation of the skin when the numbness grass applies to the affected areas. It also works very well in inhibiting acne and pieces resulting from acne cysts and nodules worsening.

It is a skin disinfectant

It has antiseptic properties that help reduce bacteria on the skin and the prevention of inflammation largely grain formation. By getting rid of the bacteria on the skin, accelerate healing and leaves a clean, healthy skin to look flawless in the end.

Reduces sebum production

When sebum is produced in excess acne, it grows. To keep dry skin, witch hazel significantly reduced production and thus reduces bacteria that cause disease. It also helps get rid of dead skin cells, keeping the chances of acne at bay while treating the condition effectively. 

It is easy to use

Witch hazel can be applied locally on the skin using cotton balls and that means we start working on the problem instantly, without having to go through the process of digestion and absorption, which can slow the effects. Direct application is not only easy, but growing faster than the healing of oral administration.

Help pH balance

Most acne products leading to inflammation and pain and dryness due to pH imbalances, but this herb is natural and suitable for all skin types. In no way interferes with the pH levels and balance and therefore does not cause irritation. It can be used without having to worry about side effects.
Use witch hazel for acne is one of the best steps you can take to improve the skin. If you do not have grass, choose products whose ingredient.
By: Jovia D'Souza 

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