4 healthy recipes Mane DIY house

4 healthy recipes Mane DIY house4 healthy recipes Mane DIY house - Thousands of products for hair care are available on the market. 

However, if you prefer a natural approach to stronger and healthier Achiever thick mane, homemade recipes and DIY are best for you.

Do it yourself hair rinses, tonics, masks, shampoos and use ingredients that are cheap and very accessible. You can find the ingredients in your garden or in your kitchen cupboard.

The good thing about creating DIY hair care recipes is that they are not only cheaper compared to marketed products, but they are as safe as you can guarantee that the ingredients are completely oils, fruits and natural and essential vegetables.

1. Hair Mask (olive, avocado and honey)

This DIY hair mask promotes thicker and healthier hair and prevents the appearance of thinning hair problems.

Ingredients: Honey - 1 tablespoon; olive oil - 2 tablespoons; and mashed avocado - 1 cup.

Directions: Mix all ingredients until it becomes creamy. Gently apply the home hair mask hair. Massage the scalp and leather left on the hair for 15-20 minutes. Then wash the hair with water and a natural shampoo to eliminate the strong odor and waste.

2. Rinse hair (chamomile)

This DIY hair rinse is used to nourish the scalp and enhance the natural hair color.

Ingredients: dried camomile - 1/2 cup of water and - 4 cups.

Instructions: Boil chamomile dried for about 5 minutes. Let the chamomile tea to cool for 3 minutes. Then strain the tea and apply on the scalp after hair daily routine washing. Let it sit on your scalp for a period of 20 minutes before washing the hair with warm water.

3. Hair Tonic (mint and apple cider vinegar)

This tonic Craft hair allows the production of the scalp sebum control, which prevents the occurrence of dandruff.

Ingredients: mint leaves - 1/4 cup cider vinegar - 1/8 liter and distilled water - 1/4 liter.

¼ liter of boiling water for 5 minutes. Add the mint leaves and apple cider vinegar. Let the mixture stand for 5 additional minutes. Staining mixture to remove the tea leaves. Let cool and apply it on your hair every night.

4. Shampoo (Sage and nettle)

A natural based shampoo helps nettle and sage in controlling oily hair.
Ingredients: Castile Soap - 4 oz; rosemary - 1/2 oz; Sage - 2.1 ounces; nettles - 1/2 oz

Preparation: In a bowl, mix all the ingredients to make a thick paste. Put the mixture in a bottle and use it as your hair care shampoo daily.

By: Honey Lopez

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