6 Simple Tips Keep Your Libido remain strong

6 Simple Tips Keep Your Libido remain strong
6 Simple Tips Keep Your Libido remain strong - There are many products that claim to increase libido and keep your penis healthy, but a healthy penis and strong libido are usually a reflection of life in general.

Many men look for miracle cures, when they should be looking at changes in lifestyle. These changes become even more critical than men spend 40 years.

Let Liefstyle 6 simple changes that can help you

A healthy penis and overall health

The human body is a completely integrated organism, which is virtually impossible to have a healthy penis if there are health issues elsewhere.

Al healthy penis means without erectile dysfunction (ED). ED is not yet fully understood, and most studies are inconclusive if the causes are physiological or psychological factors, or both working together.

A penis and healthy testosterone levels

With age, he demonstrated that the level of testosterone in the blood decreases slowly.

This is a major cause of decreased libido and sex drive can affect erections, it is then a cause of erectile dysfunction.

Check yourself, and see if any of the following symptoms apply to you.

Do you have trouble sleeping, hair loss, quickly get tired, weight gain, depression, irritable easily you become, sweating and flushing without physical activity?

Therefore, if your testosterone is declining, there is no way to have a healthy penis, and you must use the new generation of ED drugs (Viagra, Cialis, etc.) that can work, and can not and have unpleasant side effects.

Get an erection with an ED drug does not mean your penis (or you are healthy) Also, if your health has deteriorated, veins and arteries are not open as when you were young, so your ED in May It is caused by a slowdown / breakdown in your circulatory system.

A healthy penis 6 rules for increased libido

For both testosterone levels and overall health, you can follow the simple rules below. You'll be healthier, and displayed with a healthy penis and a more manly than

Rules 1, 2 and 3 are musts!

1. If you smoke, quit now. Smoking harms every part of your body, especially the circulatory system, and introduces dangerous chemicals directly into the bloodstream.

2. You need to exercise, and every day. It is estimated that at least 30 minutes of vigorous exercise a day at least. For testosterone levels naturally, put in a good weight training program. Consult your doctor first, then ask a professional trainer for a special program suited to your body type, age and physical condition. Testosterone levels naturally increase. This is a proven fact.

3. Diet. If you are overweight, your penis will pay the price with his heart and other critical organ. Eat plenty of fruits (in season only), and vegetables, high fiber (in the form of cereals), and meat sparingly. Your weight will drop naturally (without a formal diet) and you will notice your libido returning and your ability to meet too.

The following rules SHOULD; to keep both them as possible.

4. Moderate their alcohol consumption. Do not over-indulge in drinking water. Hard liquor sparingly, and wines and beers with great moderation.

5. Find good supplements of vitamins and minerals. Should contain most or all of the following: Vitamins A, B, B complex, C, D, and E. From minerals, look for Chromium, selenium and zinc. Of the protein L-arginine. Enzymes, DHEA. From natural herbs, look for Damania, dong quai, ginger, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, kola, Horny Goat Weed, Hydrangea root, pygeum, sarsaparilla, saw palmetto and wild yam.

6. If you are alone, masturbate. You need to ejaculate often, and through masturbation, the chemicals and products necessary for keeping your penis healthy are put to use reactions. Done properly (as in the technique called jelqing) the result is, if nothing else, improving circulation to the penis, and the use of the prostate gland for more than just continence.

 A healthy penis last words

Remember the state of your penis is a good indication of their health. Follow the rules above, and at any age, is the increase of testosterone in the blood, better circulation, relief from many symptoms that may now plague, and of course, a healthier penis.

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By: Sacha Tarkovsky

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