All that is an emotion "Odd"?

All that is an emotion "Odd"?All that is an emotion "Odd"? - When performing consulting work of social media to a child psychologist, my eyes were drawn to a Psychology Today magazine sitting in the lobby of the office. 

The title of the cover story called "Emotions Odd: controlling the feelings that I can not name." The only title was intriguing enough to stir my interest because, well, I am a "highly sensitive person" and I often experience emotions that I can not quite name or explain.

Not only the right words, or is it?

So-o-o ... there is no time, I had trouble understanding the emotions that can be described as a ball of tangled feelings that occur simultaneously. It felt like a double shot of explosive roundhouse to the gut of Ronda Rousey that left me stunned, confused, hurt, angry, frightened, humiliated and traumatized.

And these are just some of the emotions that converged in my mind at once. But the worst thing was not being able to explain or understand the emotions, and no one seemed to understand, either.

Fasting on the other side of my many emotions before, I find that these feelings "weird" are not really a name. When the artist and writer John Koenig was not able to label their emotions waiting to die, he just invented a "moriturism" and says "[your emotions] was somehow agree. " 

He then created a Web site that serves as a dictionary describing the emotions that are not named using a combination of creativity, linguistic research and the etymology of the name and meaning. For example, "exulansis," which determined is a name that means "the tendency to give up trying to talk about an experience because the people can not relate to it, either by envy or pity or simple foreign, enabling away from the rest of the story of his life, until the memory not feel out of place, almost mythical, restless wandering in the fog, and even looking for a place to land. "

This word is a verb from its former Latin root, meaning "exile, banished."

Low or no?

You may be wondering if people really remember or use these words. Probably not, but psychologists suggest the name or label Article emotion "could make it more manageable", "it allows us the ability to choose our response," and "help put a framework around the most complex emotions."  

I agree with them, because I think being able to name what I felt before had helped refocus my energy because I spent a lot of time just to process my emotions and experience. 

Others may see it as a futile exercise that will probably not be useful, but Koenig thought to help people understand their feelings indescribable emotions that were felt by others.

The experience can also encourage the practice of honoring the sensitivity and emotions constructively. That's a lot less stressful than the alternative, which is run from or remove the emotions in the hope of a exulansis.

What do you think about emotions "weird"? Is there inventive heard or words used to describe an emotion or experience, whether good or bad?

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By: N Ann Hall 


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