Hair transplant crown in Dubai

Hair transplant crown in Dubai
Hair transplant crown in Dubai - International Society of Hair Restoration is a report of the 2012 annual survey shows that over 35,000 patients have made hair transplants in the Middle East.

This number only come ISHRS among members, the total estimate is so far because hundreds of dermatologists, general surgeons and plastic surgeons are not yet members of ISHRS. 

According to the survey of the International Society of Hair Restoration 310,624 patients worldwide undergoing hair transplant procedures between member ISHRS. The 50% increase in the number of shows that hair transplantation is a safe cosmetic procedure popular and successful in the world of men and women. 

67.5% of patients undergoing a method of the strip (FUT) and 32.2% are treated with FUE. Among 310 624 patients was 92.9% scalp hair transplant, 4.5% suffered by Ceja, 1.5% of the face (beard and mustache) for 0.5% and 0.6% for lashes other areas.

Hair transplants are becoming a facelift in high demand in the region. The growing popularity of hair transplant procedures appealed to the community to go to Dubai and the Middle East to have the treatment.

Hair is considered a product of beauty and hairdressing. Everyone loves a good health and a youthful appearance. Hair loss and baldness can bring a negative impression on the look of composure. 

Dr. Sanjay is an active member of the International Society of Hair Restoration (ISHRS) and a plastic restoration surgeon, cosmetic and hair with a good reputation that has a rich practice in the field of hair transplant.

According to him, hair transplant is a safe and effective solution for permanent hair loss and baldness. This is a simple outpatient procedure, performed under local anesthesia in just 5-6 hours a day. The success rate is incredibly high, with a very natural look.

The most interesting part of this procedure is that no special care to treat these hairs implanted in the future. Once the hair adulthood, can be cut, dye, permanent and just as your natural hair carefree comb.

The cost of hair transplant is a key (hair transplant crown in Dubai) to make decisions for everyone element. However, the cost of hair transplants varies from person to person, according to need and choice of technology.

It is important for us to know the amount of hair loss, you need to restore.

Mr. Adil public relations officer (hair transplant in Dubai) in the surgical center Day Cocoona not say special measures for the cost of hair transplant.

This may depend on the following factors:

1: hair loss Stadium (number of grafts to be implanted).

2: Technique applied for restoration. (FUE, FUT, TDC (FUE Combination and FUT), remedial transplantation, scar revision, hybrid graft).

3: competence and experience of the surgeon.

Adil added: "Like other surgical procedures, hair transplantation also has some risks, including bleeding, infection, scarring and unnatural hair growth seeking to eliminate and eradicate these risks successful transplants. hair, choose a good surgeon with a good track record of successful hair transplants. 

Cocoona hair transplant center is dedicated to excellence and quality in hair care. Patient comfort, well being and satisfaction of needs are our first priority. 

Our hair transplant surgeons use their most advanced artistic ability to produce a remarkably natural feel for his plan to transplant hair. They believe that hair transplantation is a decision of the most important self-improvement of his life. 

A skilled technician can make the difference between a good and a hair transplant by placing transplants. Dr. Sanjay affected trained, qualified and a very important experience. They know very well that the dissection of the grafts play a vital role to produce great results. "
By: Adel Hameed Chaudhary



  1. Hair transplant still remains as much an art form as a science and those who forget this fact in a rush to technology and increased staff numbers, are doomed to disappointment.

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