How to get rid of acne by understanding the true cause of the problem

How to get rid of acne by understanding the true cause of the problemHow to get rid of acne by understanding the true cause of the problem - Over the years, I have dealt with various medical conditions that are considered medically incurable. 

These are conditions that are not life threatening, but they seriously undermine the quality of life in some areas. 

Sometimes a damaged self-esteem caused by a serious medical condition apparently can not turn into a very dangerous and destructive. After all, there are so many new about young lives destroyed by various eating disorders.

Some people say it's just the question of the distorted self image but I can clearly see the bigger picture. He teaches us to look at our bodies as very limited, irreparable and sensitive. Sometimes the point that is seems that we are not well designed for this world. 

It seems that we have forgotten who we are and what we can do incredible things. This widespread mentality has always intrigued me and push me in my research in the day. 

Not only that I wanted to find answers to my conditions, I wanted to better understand the origin of all the false beliefs that people have about themselves.

At that time, I was suffering from an acne problem. Some people might think how this type of medical condition is not worth mentioning. This does not look good, for sure, but there are much more important problems to be solved. 

But people who suffer from this problem you understand very well what I mean. Sometimes you can become really serious and even painful. It is then only a cosmetic problem.

In my determination to find a cure I realized a simple mistake that we humans are almost daily. It seems that when we find the answer to solve the problem instead of trying to find and understand the cause of it are in search of the solution. 

Which, of course, then we leave in disappointment. It's like trying to bake a cake without a recipe, without even asking what the ingredients are. When it comes to health, which often do not even need to be medical experts to understand what is happening to us.

Driven by this spirit, I started doing research to find out what the cause of acne. I immediately noticed another mistake we make. He even dares to think about the cause, are easily persuaded by others who say that the cause is so vast and complex that we can not have any influence on it, or if we do, is shaped disk for it.

We can find evidence looking at the problem of acne. There are many, many websites and books that claim to be caused by hormones, oily skin, pollution and all the other things that we can not influence.

And what is required to make daily treatments that are too complicated and take too long. But let me tell you something that I discovered long ago. Appropriate solutions are always the simplest. Everything is complicated, probably not the right thing. And this is true even in this case.

I remember one day when I visited my grandparents. They wondered how I, and almost any other young, I have this problem of acne. I was told that when they were young even exists! This really made me think. 

This means that the hormones and pollution have nothing to do with it. Or at least not the main cause. Soon after, I found the solution by reading an old book that my mother borrowed colleague. And he was right. 

The cause comes from within and must be treated from the inside as a result. It is clear why our grandparents do not have this kind of problem. Their food was very different. It was based on fresh fruits and vegetables mainly non-toxic.

Foods, processed dairy products and wheat are a major cause of acne. When you look in processed foods, it is clear that it is not normal that some foods can be sealed in a box and keep them fresh for years. 

And when it comes to dairy products is clear that it can not be good. Milk is a special food that nature has designed for mammals to drink when they are babies. Other mammals stop drinking after a period of time, unless the humans! Our bodies are unable to digest completely, and the same goes for wheat.

There are many medical studies that show a wide range of problems caused by the milk and other dairy products. Cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases, cancer, allergies, asthma, neurological diseases, digestive diseases and acne are some of them. 

The list is very long. It is commonly accepted that milk is good for our bones, but recent medical studies show that is actually the cause of osteoporosis in a way that is down the overall level of calcium in the human body. 

Problem with acne is only an indicator of the chaos caused by the consumption of these foods. Our skin is a mirror of what happens inside the body.

With all this said, it becomes clear how easy it is to get rid of acne. I recommend you visit AmazonKindle and read my book in which I explain everything in detail. You will be surprised by my discovery!
By: Ivana Urban     


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