I am healthy with a positive mind and my body strong

I am healthy with a positive mind and my body strong
I am healthy with a positive mind and my body strong - Have you ever wondered why golf thoughts flowing through your mind, such as increased flow of wheat in the wind? Why is it that the negative doubts planted safely and so deeply rooted in our conscious mind? Have you noticed that it is much easier to harvest the negative thoughts and beliefs of our minds and our actions than positive? 

It is because there are so many negative thoughts and judgments and multiply. Our job is to pull weeds cropping as learning experiences rather than failures.

Do you know how to plant positive thoughts with affirmations? We are what we think and move toward those things that resonate with us. So it is in our best interest to have positive thoughts and focus on self-improvement. Successful people focus on the good and positive in life, rather than what is wrong.

Thoughts equally 

It is never easy to make an internal search of who and what we are, yet these inner soul tests are really necessary if we grow and develop our full potential as human beings gifted.

Character flaws, mistakes, failures and the regrets often arise in our minds we do a self-inventory. One reason is that the siblings, parents, extended family, teachers and religious leaders were so eager to tell us what we did wrong. Sometimes the message has never spoken, but deducted the chagrin of others by how they treat or watch us.

If these negative messages came from someone you trust, you've probably thought what they said. then the thoughts become belief systems and act on them. They were like farmers plant seeds of negativity and doubt in our minds. These negative statements revolve constantly around our minds and provide a basis for our self-confidence and self-esteem.

Minds are like gardens

When a pea seed is planted, you get not only a grain, but multiple pea. It is a law of nature, so the plant that multiplies in gestation. It is the same with thoughts. When the plant, or planted negative thoughts in your subconscious mind, you will have many, many negative thoughts and actions so.

Therefore, it is obvious that if we want a different result or culture, we must change what is planted there. We only need to plant words positive and encouraging beliefs and sentences.  

We have to read good books, watching good movies and changes usually a negative view of "I can not do this" positive "Sure, I can do that and something else if I am ready to work and do not give up"

Make a choice today to plant positive thoughts and actions with the state. As you choose to put good food in your body, put good thoughts in your mind.

In psychology, an affirmation is a positive thought or statement (or statement) that the goal has been reached or is within reach. When using affirmations, to consider them as positive planting flowers or seeds. You can expect to see more as they grow and grow and spread to other areas of your life.

Positive affirmations for growth

I am a loving person and treat others with respect
My body is strong and healthy
My brain is strong and can easily solve problems
*  I make friends easily and Storage
*  I am happy to be alive and appreciate the world around me
*  It is easy to learn new things 

I have confidence in their ability to change the negative to positive actions with the use of affirmations thoughts.

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Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, the author of the relationship of the family and speaker. You have permission to reprint this article on your website, ezine or online magazine, as long as you keep the content and contact information intact. Thank you.

By: Judy H. Wright 


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