Raising children strong-willed and keeping hands above

Raising children strong-willed and keeping hands aboveRaising children strong-willed and keeping hands above - If you have not experienced it for yourself, you've seen its effects.  

You saw the skinny, tired faces looking countless mothers trudging through the aisles of the grocery store holding smaller hands using this triumph "I have only my way" smile.

You have seen adult women brought to tears at the beginning or in the doctor's office by a small body twisting which does not seem to stop crying. And while you may feel lucky I escaped all that torture, do not congratulate you for now. Its time to take care of a child with a strong character can be approached quickly and will need all his parents skills to cope.

When speaking of voluntary children, two age groups that appear in the mind very quickly: both terrible and adolescence always crooked. While you may think that these two ages require completely different approaches to parenting, they do not. Of course, the language change, but the foundation for raising children strong character remain the same regardless of age.

The key to the education of children with a strong character is consistency. Sounds easy, right? Well it is not. Children have a way of bringing down until wants what is to stop what they are doing.  

Sometimes parents tend to cave or give in to their children just to bring the conflict to an end. This is the worst thing you can do when a child is voluntary because it only reinforces the negative behavior that evokes a positive result.

To show children that their antics will not have any effect on their decisions, you should always show that he means what he says. Do not bend the rules or punishments let slip no matter how tough it gets. Although it may be difficult at first, the more your child sees that you are not influenced more he or she will listen to you without putting up a fight.

Do not fight with your child. When the nerves are stretched and heated, it can be very easy to fall into a pattern of fighting with your child. Avoid at all costs. Always try to stay calm and composed, at least in the presence of his son.  

To do this, you need patience. Do not be afraid to take a break when things get too difficult. Away from the situation for a few minutes of peace and quiet is often all that is needed to strengthen their resolve.

In addition to these tips for parents yourself, make sure to bring the co-parents and grandparents in the plan. If everyone in the life of high child's character uses the same approach, the child will have to tackle and follow the rules.

On the positive side, strong willed children usually become highly motivated, successful adults. They usually have a high esteem, high energy and extreme intelligence; They are nothing, but not the skills to organize his own greatness and let it shine when appropriate. With that in mind, try not brow beat their children into submission. Instead, show them how lovingly control emotions and how to assert themselves properly.
By: Bonnie Foshee


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