Tips on how to get rid of acne scars

Tips on how to get rid of acne scarsTips on how to get rid of acne scars - Acne is not only embarrassing, but also painful. 

Acne is characterized by red bumps that occur on the faces of most young people. 

Even more embarrassing are pimple marks and scars that remain after the kernels have been cured. The scars that recall the pain you went through when you were fighting buttons.

However, it is important to note that most of the scars on her face melted in a few months. Brands pimple and acne scars should not make you feel helpless because there are a number of things you can do to get rid of acne scars. First, it is important that you know that you are your skin type.

Home remedies to reduce acne scars

     A.  The honey

Honey has long been used to treat red pimples and acne. Honey is an antibacterial effective natural product. Always use raw honey as it is effective in removing acne scars.

     B.  Aloe vera

The sap of aloe vera can be used to treat many conditions such as wounds, burns and red beads and many more. Aloe Vera is a natural moisturizer, which helps rejuvenate the skin. The use of aloe vera sap accelerates the healing process of acne scars. Just apply this sap directly on the scars.

     C.  Lemon juice 

Lemon juice has been shown to have bleaching properties, making it an effective remedy that can help get rid of acne scars. Take lemon juice and mix with equal volume of water and applied directly onto the scars.

Never apply the mixture to the rest of the skin. Leave the lemon juice on the scars of twenty minutes before cleaning. Do not forget to moisturize the skin after washing the lemon juice. The lemon juice can also be used instead of lemon juice.

Medical treatment

1.  Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peel 

These options are very harsh on the skin and can take a while to heal. However, the methods are particularly preferred if the creams and lotions are not working.

In the chemical peeling, a concentrated acid is applied on the skin, where the upper layer of the skin is used, which prevents acne scars. This allows the formation of a new layer of skin, which has no scars. In microdermabrasion, the skin is exfoliated using a wire brush.

    2.  Skin lightening creams

There are a number of over the counter creams that you can buy. These lightening creams contain ingredients such as kojic acid, arbutin, liquorice extract, vitamin C and extracts of mulberry. These products help a lot in hyperpigmentation of the skin discoloration that occurs as a result of acne scars.

Most skin lightening creams do not cause skin damage or irritation. Remember to always avoid skin lightening products that have hydroquinone as one of the ingredients. For those with dark skin, the use of skin lightening creams may not be a good idea, because the skin can lose its ability to produce melanin, leaving a stain on your skin.

   3.  Retinoid products for the skin

Skin products are derivatives of vitamin A that helps get rid of acne scars. Retinoids skin products are used to treat various skin complications, including discoloration of the skin, acne, wrinkles and fine lines. 

These retinoid creams are well known in the stimulation of collagen production which in turn promotes cell regeneration in a way and address rapid scarring acne.

Although these creams may be a little expensive, which are preferred by dermatologists because they are fast. The highest retinoid creams are available only as prescription creams to get rid of acne scars.

   4.  Laser treatment

If you have tried all other methods and have come to realize that you still have the scars, consider getting laser therapy. Laser therapy is the work by stimulating the production of collagen or spray the scar giving new skin cells a chance to grow in the place of the scar.

    5. Cortisone creams

Cortisone creams have long used to treat inflammation and promote healing. Your doctor should be able to guide you in cortisone cream is best for your skin type. The creams are available in both forms of free and prescription. Make sure you apply the recommended cream only in the area that is affected Type.

     6. Loads

In many cases, acne scars left behind traces on the skin. Injectable fillers can be used to make your skin even, thus minimizing the effects of acne scars.

By: Nyambura Miriam

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