Pregnancy Weight Control

Pregnancy Weight ControlPregnancy Weight Control - This article does not promote the HCG diet. This article is for information only to inform pregnant mothers natural production of HCG hormone that is produced by the placenta. 

The hormone HCG is a way to protect both the mother and baby natures. This hormone works overtime for both. This hormone is the perfect genius when it comes to providing for the mother and baby.  

This hormone has five main functions: 

1) HCG provides food for the baby when you can not eat or mother; 

2) causes the water body of the mother to provide the amniotic fluid;  

3) provides pre-pregnancy weight minus the weight of the baby of a mother if she eats a diet of whole foods; 

4) provides natural weight loss for the mother after birth;  

5) ensures retraction of the loose skin after delivery.

Many pregnant women experience morning sickness. No matter what they try, they can not keep food and liquid to be returned. Most do not realize the HCG hormone is busy at work to extract water from your body to produce amniotic fluid for the baby. They are dehydrated and do not know. They do not realize they need to drink for two.

Most pregnant women eat for two and a drink for when you really need to eat and drink for one to two people, especially if the mother is being extra power around. The unused extra food is stored as weight gain. HCG draw energy in fat cells to feed the baby if the mother is not eating enough. Nature ensures that the baby will get what he or she needs, no matter if the mother has not left her. 

After birth, many mothers worry discount clothing before pregnancy. Do not worry, the rescue HCG. It is important to eat a limited range of eating fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and whole grains. HCG during and after birth works just like a non-pregnant HCG diet to reduce loose skin and burn extra energy stored. 

Simple carbohydrates such as sugar, honey, bread, pasta, white rice, soft drinks, sweetened fruit tortillas and ensure a high weight gain. box prepared foods that are full of dead salt, sugar and preservatives can also cause weight gain that changes the natural hormones. 

Mothers who really want to have the perfect opportunity to cut during pregnancy. Eat whole foods naturally low in sugar and the removal of junk food during pregnancy jump starts the body healthier. The baby will get what he or she needs, the mother gets what it needs, and HCG creates a balance that ensures both.

HCG remains in the body of the mother for several months after delivery, the contraction of the skin that the mother continues to use all the stored energy possible. While the mother diets whole food complex carbohydrates, complete proteins and the HCG hormone control part will do your work for you. It is much more powerful than any diet pill. 

However, the downside to HCG is that a diet of junk food high in simple carbohydrates, sugar and foods actually generates a dead weight gain. Many mothers blame on weight gain during pregnancy, when in fact it is the choice of food and drinks. 

Therefore, if the topping and thinning is the goal, they enjoy pregnancy and let nature do the work for you, just look at what happens in the mouth. 

Vicki Mangum Ariatti is a licensed medical massage therapist who lives in Fort Morgan, Colorado and home working and sterling and New Raymer, Colorado. You can visit their website at http://www.VickiAriattiMangum.com for more information.
By: Vicki Mangum 

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