5 Tips nails and a different type

5 Tips nails and a different type 5 Tips nails and a different type - Different people have different types of nails. Knowing your particular type of nails, you will properly care and maintain healthy nails.

For example, some people have nails that grow slowly and there are others who feel they have rough and dull nails. Once you have identified what is being treated, treatment and care will be easier.  

Here are 5 different nail tips for 5 different nail types:

1. Soft nails - soft nails are easier to break. In addition, rarely and gradually become longer than their members. As they bend and break easily, you can enforce tougher regularly nail hardener.

Help hardeners reduce chipping and, at the same time protecting the protein fibers, therefore, stronger nails. Other tips:

* at. Avoid moisture - which makes them soft and prone to breakage. You can protect them using gloves when performing household chores.

* second. Avoid chemicals and detergents - that can also affect the integrity of the nails.

* make. Apply oil Elemi - if you do not have gloves, you can use it as repellent nails.

2. Brittle nails - I know many people who have fragile and brittle nails. One way to know if you have brittle nails and brittle nails urgently together. If they do not comply with the application of pressure, the nails may not be as strong as you think or want.

This is the reason I can not seem to grow much faster crack and break. Brittle nails are dehydrated, which is why you should avoid using nail hardeners. You can use the following products to increase moisture and revitalize nails:

* at. moisturizing

* second. butter
* make. Almond oil

3. Nails dry - the best way to check if you have dry nails is by running your thumb through nails. If you set the roughness or if ridged nails, then you are in desperate need of a moisturizer. And speaking of moisturizer, which is all you need, a good moisturizer. Other tips for caring for dry nails:

* at. Vitamin E capsule - open and rub the powder directly on the nails. To do this, at least 2 or 3 times per day. It works by protecting and repairing damaged nails and skin, because it contains antioxidants.

* second. Do not use gloss nail polish - if you have dry nails, this product is still dried her nails.

* make. Use a liquid hand soap - soap bars are fine, but one of its ingredients is Laurent sodium sulfate, which also has a drying effect.

4. Healthy nails - not everyone is cursed with soft nails, brittle, dry and damaged. If you are one of those people who are lucky enough to have healthy nails, you can take care of them by regular use of hand cream. 

You can also avoid detergent and hot water, as they are one of the culprits when it comes to harmful and weakening nails.

5. Nails damaged - take care and get your healthy nails back by applying cuticle oil on a daily basis. This will encourage the growth of newer and healthier nails.

By: Peter Q Smith

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