Acne tips

Acne tips
Ance tips - I know that tighten the points is not a recommended cure for acne, but some of them look really horrible. Is there a stain can I squeeze? 

While most doctors will tell you, quite reasonably, that tightening the spots is certainly not a substitute for the use of the best products for the treatment of acne and should be avoided at all costs, there is still much people who have difficulty do not tighten your skin.

If you squeeze or pick at the skin, you may want to follow the simple rule introduced by the Acne Support Group, described below.

Guide traffic light for elastic point 

If your place is in red (not yellow head), stop. Do not be tempted to squeeze or pick on this type of terrain because it is likely to cause more harm because there is nothing to hurry.

This is likely to drag on for much longer and can even leave scars if you try to tighten. Talk to your doctor about the best acne products for this type of place, but certainly not wring. 

If your square is yellow, it is ready and can gently squeeze. The best way to do this is with clean fingers and fabric to cover your scope:

1. First gently pull the skin away, instead of squeezing and pinching the skin together. If the point is ready, partitioned with gentle separation.

This should be all the pressure and the force required. Any forced pinch may then lead in the blood (which is red and so you should stop!).

    2. Absorb content with clean cloth and rub gently.

3. You can apply a small tree oil drop of tea (pure will be fine) directly to the location, but do not apply too much because it can irritate the skin.

Now leave one place!

If your place is green, go to the doctor. (It is rare to have green spots, and very unlikely to be acne - are wrong because benchmarks at traffic lights) 

The black dots you can squeeze gently, but the white spots should be left alone. 

Clicking on the skin usually only add to their problems, so that, if possible, leave the skin alone and let the treatment get to work on it.

The "never, never do this" Serrant guide points 

Some people have written to the Acne Support Group describing what used to try to help spots or black spots "clear" skin. In all cases, be tempted to use one of the following methods:

       * tweezers
       * points
       * pin
       * cutter
       * nail scissors
       * sandpaper (to help soften the skin - not a good idea and very painful).

By: Michelle Spencer

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