Adult Cystic Acne - Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Adult Cystic Acne - Symptoms, Causes and TreatmentsAdult Cystic Acne - Symptoms, Causes and Treatments - Adult cystic acne is one of the most serious skin diseases that a person can suffer.

However, for a long time, this form of acne is associated exclusively with small children or a maximum of teenagers.

It is considered very rare in adults. However, recent studies have confirmed that cystic acne in adults is becoming increasingly common. This requires a comprehensive understanding of the disease.

How cystic acne in adults DEPICT? 

This form of acne is known as acne nodulocystic. This is one of the most serious forms of existing acne. When an adult suffers from acne, skin lesions that are incredibly painful sometimes develops pus filled.

Painful wounds eventually damages the skin. Even when the wounds heal, they leave behind a trail of ugly scars. acne lesions are simply a collection of dead cells, blood cells and bacteria.

What are the causes of adult cystic acne? 

Modern research has not clearly defined what causes cystic acne in adults. It is commonly believed, however, that are at intra-skin infections.

In most cases, such an infection occurs around hair roots, the source of hair follicles. The same infections can be caused by the application of certain skin lotions and other facial cosmetics.Of particular concern are the creams and with high levels of mercury without modern anti-aging wrinkles. chemical deposits often cause dysfunction of the skin, thus leading to the formation of acne.

Poor diet (oily and fatty fast foods) and hygiene are also important contributors to the skin disease. Some schools of thought also attributed higher occurrences of acne in adults with frequent exposure of the skin to sunlight without sunscreen strong.

Other causes of cystic acne in adults include:
 * high consumption and regular alcohol 
* heavy smoking 
* mental depression 
* accumulated stress levels
* as a symptom of other diseases such as cancer and diseases 
* hormonal imbalances (endocrine diseases)

What are the treatments available for adult cystic acne?

Adult cystic acne is very difficult to treat the condition and currently have no singular available medical treatment. However, physicians have been able to relieve the irritation and pain of a patient is caused by acne through a variety of ways.

Initial treatments on the market (for mild cases of the disease) include tropical creams and medications. The most effective drugs are now oral guys who are trying to remedy the situation within the body instead of forming the surface of the skin. 

We have many antibiotic drugs currently used as a treatment for cystic acne. Antibiotics are generally intended to attack bacteria that cause injury. In severe cases of cystic acne, you need extremely high doses of antibiotics.

In the most extreme of the disease, surgery is usually performed. However, the surgery itself further damage the skin and there is no guarantee that help you get rid of all injuries. In addition, surgery is bit expensive for some patients and yet realistic door wide side effects and health risks. 

A natural way to reduce acne is to maintain a healthy diet and an amplification of what is natural, healthy and safe. The most popular treatments are currently, especially home remedies to reduce irritation, itching and development of non-medical treatments cystic acne. Home remedies such ingredients include:

* sodium bicarbonate,
* tea tree oil

* birth control pills
* honey, etc.

These remedies help improve the health of the skin and in the cleaning of a bacterial infection. Healthy skin will actually develop cystic acne in adults, especially if complemented by a regular and consistent supply healthy. For those who are already affected by oil balsam tree state, honey and tea and reduces skin irritation.

By: Samuel J


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