How onion helps in hair growth

How onion helps in hair growthHow onion helps in hair growth - In this world a lot of people who face the problem of hair loss. Although most of them assume that lose 50-100 hairs a day is considered normal hair loss due to anxiety and mental stress in people.  

Moreover, acute hair loss can affect a person's appearance and affect their confidence levels. There are many natural remedies that can cause hair growth and improve the most important and effective it is onion juice.

Safe and natural method 

It is completely safe to use onions to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth onion helps in hair growth without side effects or cause allergies. No need to use chemicals on the hair when you have a method readily available, inexpensive and safe to promote hair growth. You can use onions as a natural remedy if you are balding or bald patches. You may not be able to get the same result when you opt for expensive spas hair loss treatment hair.

Onion can help hair growth? 

Most people are skeptical about the use of onions for hair growth. Most of you think onion can help hair growth? Scientific studies on natural remedies for hair loss showed that the implementation of onion juice and onion consumption is useful for controlling hair loss and other hair related problems such as dandruff , fungal infections and fungal infections. It has been found that the onion juice is also effective in preventing premature graying of hair.

How hair growth onion Help In work? 

Most people are not aware of how onions are effective in promoting hair growth. Onions are rich in sulfur content thereof. Onion juice when applied on the scalp only leather or in combination with other hair loss remedies can improve blood circulation in the scalp.  

Sulfur also enhances the production of collagen tissue is necessary for hair growth. Hair grows from hair follicles in the scalp and increased blood supply to the scalp and brings better food nutrients to the follicles and promotes hair growth.  

The sulfur content in the juice also has anti-bacterial properties and prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria on the scalp which reduces the risk of hair loss, because these infections. Onion juice increases strength and prevents hair loss and breakage. You can get a better volume to your hair by applying onion juice on the scalp regularly. 

Make onion juice for hair growth?

It is very easy and simple to onion juice for hair growth. You can use a food processor or blender, grater or a juicer to extract the juice. Peel onions number required depending on the length of your hair and cut into pieces. You can put in a blender or juicer and run it to get the required amount of juice. To extract the juice using grater, cut the onion in half and each grid half, squeeze the grated onion juice in hand.

Simple methods of hair growth in onion helps 

1. Mix onion juice with honey  
You can use this function in two different ways. You can mix ¼ cup of onion juice with one tablespoon of honey and honey can be consumed orally every day or you can apply the mixture to your scalp and massage for 15 minutes every day to see difference.

2. Infusion of onion juice and rum 

If you find unbearable onion smell can use this method to prevent hair loss and improve hair growth. Chop the onion half that size and take a glass of rum at night. The next day, pour the mixture to remove onion pieces. Use the concoction to massage the scalp or use as a hair rinse after shampooing. 

3. Add the onion in recipes 
You can include regular onions and salad recipes to get the benefits of the onion of use. It will not act as quickly as apply the juice on the hair. 

4. Rinse the hair onion juice 
This is another method of use of onions for hair growth without tears and eye irritation. Add the chopped onion 4/5 liter of water and boil for about 10 minutes. Let the mixture cool and strain the mixture. Use onion boiled water to rinse the hair after shampooing. If you do not mind the smell is not necessary to wash the hair with water that day. You can clean the hair with water and mild shampoo next day.

The hair is part of the personality of a person. If you are concerned about excessive hair loss, you can try the above solution. Select a convenient way for you and stick to it for at least two months. His hair first get a good shine and gradually see your hair thicker strong and growing.  

To stimulate the growth of your hair, you can also massage your scalp with a mixture of olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil, once a week. You can get better results if you leave the night of hair oil. Always eat a healthy diet to prevent hair loss and promote hair regrowth regime. 
By: Jennifer

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