The use of magnets for healing, is it possible?

The use of magnets for healing, is it possible?The use of magnets for healing, is it possible? - Based on research of people like Albert Roy Davis, Walter C. Rawls and many others using magnets became a health care field should be more "mainstream", but today is treated by the medical profession as "fringe quackery ". 

This subject is vast and would require an entire text to the problem of justice, but I'll try to give you a "taste" of what is possible when the magnets are used to treat the human body naturally. 

The therapeutic use of static magnets have gained acceptance for the treatment of a number of issues related to physiological problems, cardiovascular and neuro-musculoskeletal ranging from pain relief to have the potential to prevent heart attacks.

The use of unipolar and bipolar static magnets as well as other forms of magnetic therapy, including pulsed electromagnetic fields extensively studied (PEMF) have been studied for a long time before the turn of the century. 

Magnets have an effect on the body, simply because when you think of what is done (mostly water and minerals) are ionic molecules (an atom or a charged molecule), which means that all wear an electric charge and have positive and negative poles. 

This is important if you remember back to the days of your experiences of early childhood science that use magnets to show "fields" that produced by using iron filings. These fields can have a direct impact on the body.

Even after all the research that has been done using magnets, it is still unclear how they work. As is known to have an effect on human physiology, it has been reproduced and found to have an effect on the biochemical chain of events which occur in the body. 

A specific effect has to do with how the minerals and even water used in soft tissue after trauma and the normal biochemical processes that occur daily. [1,2] Because these magnets have certain effects on the body, shown in a study of slow and, in some cases considerably reduce the acute neuronal inflammation after injection of excess chemicals stimulate nerve tissue. [3]

The action has a magnetic field in the body reduces the excitotoxic, hyperexcitability and water retention that occurs at the cellular level between the affected tissues due to trauma. The pain associated with post-traumatic events like hitting your finger in a car door is not limited to a single chain of events. 

With this in mind, and understanding that the magnets can regulate many systems in the body, especially after a traumatic event can help prevent the biochemical cascade that occurs after the fact.

The human cell is a very complex anatomical entity that can be assigned to many levels. Trauma can cause changes in the natural movement of ion channel proteins, can also cause physical changes in the lipid (a type of fat), it is the wall of the cell and inhibits the bilayer inward movement of ions and water. The good news is that if you act immediately after a traumatic event by placing magnets on the affected area can have a significant clinical effect. [4]

Many researchers have investigated the use of static magnetic fields (SMF) in animals and humans; in an animal study found that magnetic fields affected SMF internal organs of the test object. We also found that the orientation of the magnets during treatment may have an effect on blood chemistry and organ function. [5]

Other potential uses include magnets for use in the treatment of circulatory disorders which are shown magnets to reduce the thickness, viscosity and blood flow. An article published in "Science" published in 2011 deals with the use of magnets for this. Located: http://news.sciencemag.org/health/2011/06/magnets-keep-blood-flowing 

By doing a little of my own personal research about the companies that sell only magnets, I found that many companies are simply selling the actual physical magnets, and was not aware of its use in what was said above.

Then there are those that sell magnets for therapeutic use, many of whom have no medical training or technical training to have a polite discussion of how they should be used responsibly. I spoke with one of the business owners who gave me an idea that I could not find elsewhere.

A great nugget of information he shared with me was that most products of the company have the correct orientation. There is a difference between magnetic north and the North Pole; most of the products sold on the web are oriented to the North Pole. Their website also has lots of information about it, which I find very useful too http://www.biomagnetics.com/

Please note that there is a science to this, and as it is to the human body when it comes to healing, is rarely a one-dimensional approach. The actual healing requires a multidimensional methodology may also involve the use of magnets.
By: Dr. James Lembeck 

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