Acne treatment in newborns

Acne treatment in newbornsAcne treatment in newborns - Baby acne is more common than you think. Many babies show signs of acne within two weeks after birth.

This does not mean that your baby will have these grains forever. It must be recognized and medicated. It is a type of acne that is hard to understand. Many doctors do not know why.

Some of them believe that the treatments it takes before or during breastfeeding may be the reason for baby acne. Others believe that maternal hormones may be the reason. There is no right or wrong answer to what gives it its infantile acne. 

There are many methods to remove it. It is possible to prevent irritation is the use of mild soaps. The use of strong detergents or strong soaps can aggravate acne and cause a rash as the baby's skin is very sensitive. You have to clean all milk or food from the surface of your baby. You should not rub his / her shins.

Proper treatment of acne babies is so simple. You must have patience. Many babies will end your pimples within two weeks. You have to keep the skin of your own baby, and should not use a moisturizer for adults. 

Do not try to apply any medication against adult acne because they are causing irritation to the baby's skin because they are too strong.

Parents may be concerned about the appearance of the first signs of eruption. You might be tempted to take the baby to the doctor to treat this problem. 

There is no treatment for baby acne, it is safe to skin the implementation of the newborn. Wash your clothes and blankets for your baby and keep her / his cleaning.

You will be concerned about the treatment of baby acne, but the only cure is patience and cleanliness.

You can also use these tips to treat acne baby 

Baby acne treatment is very easy. Wash your infant's face gently with mild soaps and water twice or once a day. You shouldn't scrub your baby's skin and pat it dry. You should also note that washing the infant's skin too much can cause skin irritation.

You mustn't apply any lotion or oil to the infant's skin. This can worsen the acne case. You shouldn't wash the towels, lines, clothes, blankets and other materials that your infant comes in contact with.

If your infant acne is more severe, you can use chemical medication such as benzoyl peroxide and over the counter medication.

You may use the solutions of the ionic colloidal silver and hydrocortisone. These kill the acne bacteria so they can treat baby acne effectively. They may promote healthy skin growth and reduce itching.
By: Ayoub Helal and Ayman Abdelghafar

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